Documents for the 2017 Annual Conference Session

Below are documents available for download. Either save them to your electronic device or print out to bring with you.  

Book of Recommendations and Reports

Click here for various options to download, print or order the Book of Recommendations and Reports.


Pocket Agenda (copies provided at registration)

Additional Business Documents

Recommended to view before coming:

Full Nominations Report 

Resolution of Discontinuing Local Churches 

Recommended to print out or download before coming (in addition to the Book of Recommendations and Reports):

Updated CFA Report

Abridged Nominations Report 

You will need these documents as we conduct our business. 

Please note: There will be no copies of these documents at Annual Conference. 

Worship Service Programs 

Complete Book of Worship

Programs by Service

Opening Worship Service

Ordination and Commissioning Service

Memorial Service

Sending Forth and Fixing of the Appointment

Book of Remembrance - given to the families of the clergy and clergy spouses being remembered at the Memorial Service 

Please note: The only printed copies of the worship service programs will be for the Ordination and Commissioning Service. All words and songs will be on the screen.