Albany Area Storms

The South Georgia Conference is partnering with communities affected by the January storm damage through the county's Long Term Recovery Groups. An UMCOR Case Management training will be provided in mid-April and work will begin in the areas to help survivors recover. 

Devastating straight-line winds and tornadoes caused significant damage in parts of our Southwest District. The United Methodist Churches of that district moved quickly to alleviate suffering and provide for the basic needs of storm victims.

Dr. Nita Crump, Southwest District Superintendent, is monitoring and coordinating district team efforts. Allison Lindsey and Luis Morales are involved in ongoing assessment and response efforts through the Long Term Recovery Groups. 

Advocate Article:

United Methodists work to bring relief, hope to storm victims

Emails from Bishop Bryan:

Alive Together in Christ as we bear one another's burdens

The United Methodist Church is at work


Click here to view photos of United Methodists at work

How You Can Help:

All churches throughout the South Georgia Conference are encouraged to join the recovery process.

Work Teams
Luis Morales, Conference Disaster Coordinator, is currently working with several teams from South Georgia and surrounding conferences in partnership with the Dougherty County Emergency Management Agency to coordinate chainsaw and work teams needed in the Albany area. Early response teams and interested individuals should contact Luis at (478) 216-7729 or

Special Offering
Conference and district funds have been released to the impacted areas. Special offerings to continue helping with long-term recovery needs may be sent to the South Georgia Conference Storm Recovery efforts. Please use Conference Advance Special #6796. Mail checks to PO Box 13145, Macon, GA 31208.