When Are Apportionments Due?

It is preferable that churches send in their apportionments on a monthly basis.  The agencies and ministries which these apportionments support have monthly expenses, so a steady income enables them to focus on their ministry more readily.

If you receive special mission offerings intended for one of our agencies (Magnolia Manor, Vashti, Wesley Glen, Open Door Community Center, etc.), please send those funds on.  These agencies often operate with VERY lean budgets, and your prompt gift will make a difference for them!

Many congregations have moved to the 10-month plan.  They divide their annual askings into 10 equal payments.  This allows them to skip a payment in July or August (which month has the lowest church income), and still make their final payment in November!


Final Day for 2016 Askings

The Final Day for apportionments for the 2016 Calendar year will be Friday, Jan. 6, 2017.  Our office has to send the funds on to the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) the next week, and it takes us a couple of days to process everything.  Funds received after the deadline will be applied to your 2017 askings.

Once GCFA closes their books, we are UNABLE to send them money for 2016. So thank you for sending your funds in time to have them properly credited.


Questions About Your Apportionments or Monthly Statement?

Do you have questions about your apportionments, or bout the monthly statement you receive from us?  Need to know where you stand on your 6-Lane giving?  Hunting for a mission fund number?   Please contact Beth Acuff, who handles local church receipts for our office.  Call her at 1-800-535-4224 (478-738-0048), or email her at beth@sgaumcadmin.com.