Churches & Appointments Beyond the Local Church


Patterson UMC - South Central

Pavo UMC - Southwest

Payne's Chapel - Northeast

Pearson UMC - South Central

Pearson's Chapel UMC - Northeast

Peavy UMC - Southwest

Pembroke UMC - Coastal

Perry UMC - North Central

Philadelphia UMC - South Central

Pierce Chapel UMC (Midland) - Northwest

Pierce Chapel UMC (Nahunta-Pierce Chapel Charge) - Coastal

Pine Forest UMC - North Central

Pine Hill UMC (Dublin) - North Central

Pine Hill UMC (Pine Hill-Warthen Charge) - North Central

Pine Level UMC - South Central

Pine Level UMC (Oglethorpe Charge) - Northwest

Pinehurst UMC - Northwest

Piney Mount UMC - North Central

Piney Mount UMC (Wrightsville Circuit) - North Central

Pinkney Chapel UMC - Coastal

Pinson Memorial UMC - Southwest

Pittman Park UMC - Northeast

Pitts Chapel UMC - North Central

Pitts UMC - North Central

Plains UMC - Northwest

Pleasant Grove UMC (Baldwin County Circuit) - North Central

Poplar Springs UMC - Northeast

Port Wentworth UMC - Coastal

Portal UMC - Northeast

Porterfield Memorial UMC - Southwest

Poulan UMC - Southwest

Powersville UMC - Northwest

Preston UMC - Northwest

Prospect UMC (Folkston Charge) - Coastal

Prospect UMC (Twiggs County Charge) - North Central

Providence UMC - South Central

Providence UMC (Lumpkin Charge) - Northwest

Providence UMC (North Camden Charge) - Coastal

Putney UMC - Southwest

Quitman UMC - Southwest

Ray City UMC - South Central

Rebecca UMC - Southwest

Recovery UMC - Southwest

Reidsville UMC - Northeast

Reynolds Chapel UMC - Southwest

Reynolds UMC - Northwest

Richland UMC - Northwest

Richmond Hill UMC - Coastal

Rincon UMC - Coastal

Riverside UMC - North Central

Roberta UMC - Northwest

Rochelle UMC - North Central

Rockledge UMC - North Central

Rocky Ford UMC - Northeast

Rogers UMC - North Central

Rose Hill UMC - Northwest

Ruth's Chapel UMC - Northeast

Salem UMC (Americus) - Northwest

Salem UMC (Hahira) - South Central

Salem UMC (Irwinton-Toomsboro Charge) - North Central

Sandersville UMC - North Central

Sardis UMC (Lumpkin Charge) - Northwest

Sardis UMC (Sardis-Ellis Chapel Charge) - Northeast

Sasser UMC - Northwest

Scott's Chapel UMC - South Central

Screven UMC - Coastal

Sharon UMC - Northwest

Sharpe's Chapel UMC - Northeast

Shellman UMC - Northwest

Shelton Chapel UMC - South Central

Shiloh UMC - South Central

Shiloh UMC (Vienna-Shiloh Charge) - Northwest

Shiloh UMC (Wheeler County Circuit) - Northeast

Shingler UMC (Damascus/Shingler Charge) - Southwest

Shurlington UMC - North Central

Sikes Chapel UMC - Northeast

Silver Hill UMC - Coastal

Skidaway Island UMC - Coastal

Smith Chapel UMC - North Central

Smithville UMC - Northwest

Smyrna UMC - Northeast

Snow UMC - North Central

Soperton UMC - Northeast

South Central Hispanic Ministries - South Central

South Columbus UMC - Northwest

Sparks UMC - South Central

Speedwell UMC - Coastal

Springfield UMC - Coastal

Springhead UMC (Charlestown/Mt. Zion/Springhead Circuit) - Northeast

Springhead UMC (Kirkland-Springhead Charge) - South Central

Springhill UMC (Wheeler County Circuit) - Northeast

Springhill UMC (Whigham-Springhill Charge) - Southwest

St Andrews UMC (St Andrews-Horse Creek Charge) - Northeast

St John UMC (Coleman Chapel/St. John Charge) - Northeast

St Johns UMC - South Central

St Luke UMC (Columbus) - Northwest

St Luke UMC (Savannah) - Coastal

St Mark UMC (Columbus) - Northwest

St Mark UMC (Douglas) - South Central

St Mary's Road UMC - Northwest

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