Events Feed Events Feed en-us 11/24/2017 1:50:08 AM Church Security Workshop http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/church-security-workshop-9967521 We have grieved with our brothers and sisters in Sutherland Springs, TX over the past week following... 11/28/2017 United Methodist Global AIDS Fund Sunday http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/united-methodist-global-aids-fund-sunday-436753 Established in 2004, the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund's (UMGAF) purpose is to stem the tide of ... 12/3/2017 Early Response Team and Chainsaw Training - Roberta http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/early-response-team-and-chainsaw-training-roberta-9455896 Roberta UMC December 9, 2017 116 W Agency St, Roberta, GA 31078 Register here   Early Response Team... 12/9/2017 Appointive Cabinet Session http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/appointive-cabinet-session-9295625 no description 12/12/2017 Human Relations Day http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/human-relations-day-3168899 Sunday, Jan. 14, is Human Relations Day, one of six churchwide Special Sundays with offerings for ... 1/14/2018 Praying Our Way Forward http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/praying-our-way-forward-9985596 South Georgia Conference Week of Prayer: January 14-21, 2018 The denomination-wide '... 1/14/2018 Winter Conference - Epworth By The Sea http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/winter-conference-epworth-by-the-sea-9061009 Winter Conference, sponsored by Epworth By The Sea, is set for January 28-31, 2018. Bishop James ... 1/28/2018 Appointive Cabinet Session http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/appointive-cabinet-session-9295626 no description 1/29/2018 Sexual Ethics Workshop http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/sexual-ethics-workshop-8229685 February 3, 2018-Saturday Camilla First United Methodist Church Camilla, GA 10:00 am-4:00 pm Click ... 2/3/2018 Andrew College Sunday http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/andrew-college-sunday-436633 Founded in January 1854, Andrew College has continuously provided an academically challenging ... 2/11/2018 Appointive Cabinet Meeting http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/appointive-cabinet-meeting-9295628 no description 2/13/2018 Sexual Ethics Workshop http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/sexual-ethics-workshop-8229687 February 15, 2018-Thursday Epworth By The Sea Nalls Building St. Simons Island, GA 10:00 am-4:00 pm ... 2/15/2018 Volunteers In Mission Awareness Sunday http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/volunteers-in-mission-awareness-sunday-436731 United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) exists to promote, encourage, and enable Christians ... 2/18/2018 Cabinet Session I @ Riverside UMC http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/cabinet-session-i-riverside-umc-9295630 no description 2/19/2018 Kingdom Builders Promotion Sunday http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/kingdom-builders-promotion-sunday-436735     You Are BLESSED! You are blessed to be a blessing. We have been blessed to travel roads that ... 2/25/2018 Cabinet Session II http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/cabinet-session-ii-9295632 no description 2/26/2018 Join the Journey Confirmation Retreat http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/join-the-journey-confirmation-retreat-9985617 Designed for students in the fifth grade and above, the “Join the Journey” Confirmation Retreat will... 3/2/2018 UMCOR Sunday http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/umcorsunday-436362 UMCOR Sunday (fourth Sunday in Lent) enables the United Methodist Committee on Relief to reach out ... 3/11/2018 Cabinet Session III @ Methodist Home http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/cabinet-session-iii-methodist-home-9295634 no description 3/19/2018 Cabinet Session IV http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/cabinet-session-iv-9295635 no description 4/2/2018 Cabinet Session V http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/cabinet-session-v-9295636 no description 4/9/2018 Sexual Ethics Workshop http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/sexual-ethics-workshop-8229688 April 10, 2018-Tuesday Vineville United Methodist Church Macon, GA 10:00 am-4:00 pm Click here to ... 4/10/2018 Sexual Ethics - Vineville UMC http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/sexual-ethics-vineville-umc-9061018 no description 4/10/2018 Native American Ministries Sunday http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/native-american-ministries-sunday-436502 On Native American Ministries Sunday, United Methodists cultivate and support urban missions with ... 4/15/2018 Cabinet Session VI http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/cabinet-session-vi-9295637 no description 4/16/2018 United Methodist Men’s Annual Retreat http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/united-methodist-men-s-annual-retreat-9748029 April 20-21, 2018 Epworth By The Sea St. Simons Island, GA Keynote speaker: Dr. Matt Woodbery, South... 4/20/2018 Cabinet Session VII http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/cabinet-session-vii-9295638 no description 4/23/2018 Magnolia Manor Sunday http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/magnolia-manor-sunday-436736 Magnolia Manor is a South Georgia Conference ministry that serves older adults of all faiths in ... 5/13/2018 Peace with Justice Sunday http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/peace-with-justice-sunday-436537 Peace with Justice Sunday enables The United Methodist Church to have a voice in advocating for ... 5/27/2018 South Georgia Annual Conference sesion - Jekyll Island, GA http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/south-ga-annual-conference-jekyll-island-ga-9061021 Each year—traditionally in June for the South Georgia Conference—all clergy members and an equal ... 6/3/2018 Camp Connect: High School Camp http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/camp-connect-high-school-camp-9988536 Students entering grades 9-12 as well as graduating seniors are eligible for High School Camp. ... 6/11/2018 Wesley Glen Day http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/wesley-glen-day-436737 Every local church in South Georgia is encouraged to receive a special offering to support the ... 6/17/2018 Camp Connect: Middle School Camp 1 http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/camp-connect-middle-school-camp-1-9986488 Middle School Camp 1: June 18-22, 2018 Middle School Camps, intended for rising 6th-8th grade ... 6/18/2018 Camp Connect: Middle School Camp 2 http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/camp-connect-middle-school-camp-2-9987496 Middle School Camp 1: June 18-22, 2018 Middle School Camps, intended for rising 6th-8th grade ... 6/25/2018 Golden Cross Sunday http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/golden-cross-sunday-436754 Golden Cross began in 1908 with the commitment of Methodists in Dallas, Texas to provide the first ... 7/1/2018 Camp Connect: Elementary Camp 1 http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/camp-connect-elementary-camp-1-8132169 Elementary Camp 1: July 9-13, 2018 Elementary Camps, intended for rising 4th-5th grade students, ... 7/9/2018 Camp Connect: Elementary Camp 2 http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/camp-connect-elementary-camp-2-9988194 Elementary Camp 2: July 16-20, 2018 Elementary Camps, intended for rising 4th-5th grade students, ... 7/16/2018 Georgia United Methodist Pastors' School http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/georgia-united-methodist-pastors-school-9991536 The 2018 Georgia Pastors' School is set for July 16-19 and will focus on "Inside Out Church: ... 7/16/2018 Christian Education Sunday http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/christian-education-sunday-436755 Christian Education Sunday “calls the Church as the people of God to be open to growth and learning ... 8/19/2018 Methodist Children's Home Work Day Offering http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/methodist-childrens-home-work-day-offering-9078809 Every local church in South Georgia is encouraged to receive a special Work Day Offering to support ... 9/16/2018 Vashti Day http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/vashti-day-9078812 Every local church in South Georgia is encouraged to receive a special offering to support the ... 10/21/2018 United Methodist Student Day http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/united-methodist-student-day-436591 The United Methodist Student Day Special Sunday Offering helps provide funds for scholarships and ... 11/25/2018 United Methodist Global AIDS Fund Sunday http://www.sgaumc/eventdetail/united-methodist-global-aids-fund-sunday-9078820 Established in 2004, the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund's (UMGAF) purpose is to stem the tide of ... 12/2/2018