Hurricane Irma Recovery Efforts

The Conference Disaster Response Team is currently assessing how we as South Georgia United Methodists can be of assistance, both in our own conference and the Florida Conference, following the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. We were fortunate as we witnessed a significant downgrade in Irma before reaching South Georgia.

We will continue gathering damage assessments and mobilizing resources as needed throughout South Georgia in the weeks and months to come. Thank you for the many ways the connection continues to support the response.

As we continue to pray for those impacted by the storm, here’s what you need to know now:

Early Response Teams: Early Response Teams are our greatest need at this time, especially in the Coastal District. These teams work in coordination with county Emergency Management officials and local disaster response groups. Contact Luis Morales at if you are interested in deploying. Due to flooding, mucking out of homes is a crucial need.

Financial Donations: To aid with disasters within the South Georgia Annual Conference you can send financial gifts through the Conference Treasurer's Office earmarked Advance Special #6796 - South Georgia Storm Recovery (Disaster Response). The address is PO Box 13145 / Macon, Georgia 31208. Click here to donate online to the South Georgia Conference Storm Recovery effort. Financial gifts will make a significant impact on this disaster, future relief, and long-term recovery efforts.