10% Growth Goal

At the 2016 Annual Conference Session, a motion was made a passed that set a goal for the conference to increase its average weekly worship attendance by 10% by January 2018. The Office of Congregational Development has plans in place to help put this motion into action during the next two years.


So what does 10% Growth look like...

  • An increase from 49,405 total attendance in 2016 to 54,345 by Jan. 1, 2018...That's a total increase of 4,940 in worship

But those numbers are hard to comprehend...What does that mean on a smaller scale?

  • We currently have approx. 611 churches in The South Georgia Annual Conference...
  • If each church committed to this goal of 10% growth...and if we worked together to reach this magic number of 4,940...then it would require an average increase of around 8 people in worship per church!!!
    • That's right, you read it correctly: just 8 more people per church!


So what do you say, South Georgia churches...

Who are the 8 new people you'll invite to worship over the next 15 months???