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3Practice Circles

Up for healthy conversations around some fun topics?
Join us for a 3Practice Circle! - Oct. 26, Nov. 30, & Jan. 25


What is a 3Practice Circle?

The purpose of 3Practice Circles is to help us gain clarity and understanding about our differences. We use the 3Practices to explore the “difference divide” between us and others who hold diverse perspectives. It is a tool for open, honest dialogue that offers space to learn from each other’s lived experiences. 



A 3Practice Circle is not a discussion or debate. It’s a workout designed to prepare us for real-life encounters at home, church and work. The workout applies three practices that help and inform our interactions with others, ourselves and God.  .


What are the three practices?

These three practices that when named can help us cross the “difference divide” and create space for real conversation: 1- I’ll be unusually interested in others; 2- I’ll stay in the room with difference; and 3- I’ll stop comparing my best with your worst.


Why join a 3Practice Circle?
We don’t often change the minds of others in a 3Practice Circle, but we frequently influence people, giving them a chance to hear why we may think differently. From there — equipped with greater clarity and understanding — we can continue to wrestle with the chosen topics, alone, with others, and with God. The 3Practice Circle model offers us an opportunity to practice listening without judgment, to form and ask good questions, and to stop getting stuck in the comparison game between ourselves and those in our homes, churches, and communities. This seems like time well spent for church leaders today!  


How can I join a 3Practice Circle in South Georgia?

We’re glad you asked! Revs. Teresa Edwards, Meg Procopio, Jared Wilson are going to set the stage for us on how to use 3Practice Circles. They’ve set three dates and three framing questions. Join one or all three - we simply want you to explore 3Practice Circles with us! We think it will help us as clergy have better conversations. Once you see it in practice, we hope you will feel equipped to explore ways to help those in your local congregation have healthier conversations. 


  • October 26 @ noon: What’s your favorite Bible verse and how does it shape your daily life? | Register now

  • November 30 @ noon: Why is gratitude so difficult and outrage so easy? | Register now

  • January 25 @ noon: Ok, it’s 2024! Now what? | Register now

Each 3Practice Circle will begin at noon and last an hour. A Zoom link will be sent to registered participants the day before the conversation. Questions? Email Teresa Edwards at or Kelly Roberson at

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