AC Emails Sent

The following are emails that have been sent with important details of the 2018 Annual Conference Session.

Receiving the Communications Needed for the 2018 Annual Conference Session 
As a delegate to Annual Conference, you will receive several important communications leading up to Annual Conference. The purpose of these communications is to inform you of the matters you need to know about the ministry of the church, its organization, and any decisions you will be asked to make during the conference session. Because of action taken by the 2015 South Georgia Annual Conference, we no longer print and mail our communications. Instead, all communications related to the 2018 Annual Conference Session will be disseminated through conference emails, district newsletters and other district communications, our conference Advocate, and other conference communications. This saves us thousands of dollars in printing and postage costs each year.
Most of the business items for the conference session are contained in the Book of Recommendations and Reports (BOR). Inside the BOR you'll find a complete conference agenda, driving and parking information, helpful annual conference information, detailed reports from conference ministries, pension and benefits recommendations, conference budgets, and much more. One of the purposes of the BOR is to allow you to read the recommendations and reports before you come to conference. A good delegate is a prepared delegate. 

Prior to arriving at Jekyll please download onto your digital device or print all the materials you want to have with you during the Annual Conference session. Although we have been told that the wireless internet capabilities will be better at the Jekyll Island Convention Center than in other venues, you may still want to download documents to your device prior to coming to be safe.