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How to have a happy New Year

January 04, 2016

Hello, beautiful people of South Georgia! 

What are some of the characteristics of a happy New Year? Often mentioned by many are good health, good relationships – especially with family and friends – a comfortable financial income, a deep sense of purpose, and participating in activities that help those in need. What would make up your list of characteristics for a happy New Year?

Have you given thought about what would interfere or block you from having a happy New Year? Perhaps your answer would include a poor attitude where you focus more on what’s wrong rather than celebrating what is good, feeling fearful, a lack of trust, worry, not feeling safe, always wanting something that you do not have, and the list goes on.

Well, here is my top 10 list for a happy New Year:
  1. Faith in God. This puts ultimate control in a spiritual being who controls the future. We can be alert without being fearful all the time. A life rooted in fear cannot be a happy, joy-filled life. 
  2. Be a loving person. Holding on to past pain and hurtful situations weighs us down and keeps us from experiencing the joy in everyday situations. 
  3. A life of prayer. An ongoing relationship with God comforts, guides, and gives us a deep sense of peace.
  4. Be thankful. Thankfulness allows you to stay focused on your blessings and not on what went wrong or did not work out exactly as you thought.
  5. Fill your mind with the Word of God. Keep learning how to live in the will of God for your life. Study scripture. Listen to sermons, videos or tapes, read books, and download tweets that offer hope instead of despair.
  6. Be intentional about spending more time with people who love, care, and support the best in you. Get with people who like you but will speak the truth to you in love.
  7. Eat foods that heal rather than foods that make you feel bad or sluggish.
  8. Find a physical activity that you like and make that activity a habit.
  9. Give. When you help others you feel terrific!
  10. Forgive yourself. Being right all the time is a heavy burden that can press down the joy of living. Laugh often throughout the day and allow God’s grace to cover your mistakes.
Make it a happy New Year… Grow a Christlike world!

I’m tweeting messages to encourage you! Read them at www.twitter.com/BishopJamesKing.

In addition to sharing thoughts and photos on Twitter and my blog I now plan to share a devotional thought called My Devotional Takeaway

Read our Advocate (www.sgaumc.org/advocate), follow me as I tweet at www.twitter.com/BishopJamesKing, or visit my blog at www.bishopking.org.  

Until next time, remember – God’s will for us is good. We must do the rest.

Growing a Christlike world.

With love, 

Your Bishop,
James R. King, Jr.



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