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On the heart of your Bishop - August

August 03, 2014


Hello, beautiful people of South Georgia!

This article features comments on the following:

  • Five-Star Pastors
  • The Transition
  • Sabbath
  • Communication

The Five-Star System

Thanks to the pastors and congregations who paid 100% of their apportionments:

     15 congregations paid more than 100% of their apportionments.

     425 congregations paid 100 % of their apportionments.

More and more pastors and congregations are taking their stewardship commitment seriously. The United Methodist way is connectional and links us to the mission to make disciples of all nations.

We must continue to teach stewardship principles and the United Methodist way. We must not only teach but measure for results as well as encourage by highlighting and affirming those who are faithful.

Please note: Because we are adding the Five-Star System for laity we are changing the name of the “Apportionment Star” to “Stewardship Star.” This will also help us connect the Ten Timeless Values to the Five-Star System.

Based on this year’s apportionment year-end report, we have 440 potential Five-Star Pastors. When we are able to proclaim 440 pastors and congregations who have all five stars, we will have the greatest disciple-making conference in United Methodism.


Praise God!!!

The Transition Update: Prayerfully Organizing

The South Georgia Annual Conference continues to move forward as we work to prayerfully organize from nine to six districts during these summer months of the transition.

Here are a few updates to keep you informed along the way:

August 4-5

District administrative assistants will gather in Cordele for discussion, networking and training.

August 5

Clergy Coordinators will gather with District Superintendents and Conference staff for training and networking.  

September – October

The Office of Connectional Ministries will host four webinars specifically designed to assist laity participating in clusters. Visit for more information and details on each workshop.

We Are Connectional                     September 3, 2014     10 a.m.

SHAPE                                           September 23, 2014   10 a.m.

            Effective Communication               October 14, 2014        10 a.m.

            Conducting a Productive Meeting   October 28, 2014        10 a.m.

The Enhanced Technology Team will release the newest reporting for the 20.1.15 initiative. This form combines the traditional evangelism form with the 20.1.15 focus. It will be available online at

Many clergy, lay members to annual conference and concerned members of The United Methodist Church in the South Georgia Annual Conference attended the District Conference in their new district. A large portion of the agenda at each District Conference concerned the transition report from nine to six districts.

It is common for change to increase anxiety. Sometimes negative thinking and negative comments surface as we attempt to resist an unfamiliar future. There are two things you can count on: first, recommendations will be relevant because they will be tied to the Ten Timeless Values and our Wesleyan heritage. Second, we will be more connectional because more people will be involved close to home.


No break time!

It is an unwritten statement in our culture. The work of ministry is sacred, urgent but also endless. Sabbath time means time for rest. Sabbath is also sacred. If you do not brake you will break. Sabbath is one of the Ten Timeless Values – live it and teach it.


The word Gospel means good news. People are very busy and occupied with multiple agendas. You must find various ways and multiple opportunities for members to receive your message. I am constantly looking for people and systems that can help me communicate the vision to grow a Christlike World.

There is much to come as we journey toward the fall and district clusters begin to gather. Remember to look for updates on the conference website, Read our Advocate (, follow me as I tweet (, and visit my blog at

For a faster response when communicating with me by email, use

Until next time, remember – God’s will for us is good. We must do the rest.

Growing a Christlike World.

With love,

Your Bishop,
James R. King, Jr.


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