Using advertising is an effective way to promote your identity with your community. It provides the opportunity for you to show that church is not only somewhere you go but something you do. It can differentiate you in your community -- inviting people to ‘rethink’ church with a voice of welcome.

Advertising is the third leg of a 3-part approach to offering our churches as faith communities to seekers :

  • Welcome –what it means to truly welcome others, looking at ourselves from the outside-in and considering the view from the inside-out.
  • Connect – how we connect with community; ways we connect with our Connection; ensuring we connect with the Creator; and helping other connect with change and transition.
  • Identify – identifying your church’s strengths and core values, and reinforcing your identity (what you’re known for) both within your congregation and out in the community.

DO one thing tomorrow -- start an action plan!

Advertising Resources