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Advocacy Ministry

The Advocacy Team gives coordinated effort to help the annual conference, districts and local churches reflect the best of Christian community as we value awareness, respect, trust, equality, and acceptance of our diversity. This team oversees ministries related to:

  • Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns 
  • Church and Society
  • Ethnic Local Church Concerns
  • Immigration
  • Multiculturalism Luncheon Annual Event
  • Native American Ministries
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Poverty
  • Prison Ministry
  • Religion and Race
  • Sexual Ethics
  • Special Sunday Givings
  • Status of Role of Women
  • Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century (SBC21) 

At the 2017 Annual Conference session, the South Georgia Conference approved two resolutions, statements that represent the position of the conference on a subject. The first, a “Resolution in support of a Coordinated Action on Behalf of Undocumented Neighbors,” called on the presiding bishop to form a task force to develop a strategy to educate clergy and laity about the history of immigration and human and civil rights concerning undocumented members of society and to encourage South Georgia United Methodists to engage in works of piety and mercy towards their undocumented neighbors. The second approved resolution, the “Multiculturalism Taskforce Resolution,” asked that the bishop appoint a diverse task force to consider the implications of multiculturalism education. Below is the work of these two Task Forces.


Multiculturalism Taskforce Resolution BORs: 2017-2018 Click here; 2018-2019 Click here


Undocumented Neighbors Taskforce Resolution BORs: 2017-2018 Click here; 2018-2019 Click here


Advocacy Links

Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns: The Council of Bishops Office of Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships promotes unity and peace through strengthening ecumenical and interfaith relations worldwide.


Church and Society, Issues of Justice: Church and Society, Civil And Human Rights, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Health and Wholeness, Peace with Justice, Women and Children


Other Issues of Justice: Abolition of Torture, Abundant life for women and children, Alcohol, Budgets and Taxes, Children, clean water, climate justice, death penalty, domestic violence, education, family planning and reproductive health, gambling, gun violence, health care, HIV and AIDS, human sexuality, human trafficking, hunger and poverty, immigration, living wage, mental health, peace with justice, religious freedom, restorative justice, sustainability

Ethnic Local Church Grants: Download Grant application The purpose of the Discipleship Ministries Racial Ethnic Local Church Grants (ELCC), is to provide funding to strengthen the ethnic local church through leadership training, small groups, worship, stewardship and spiritual formation as they engage in developing disciple making systems inside the church walls as well as in the community which it resides. Priority is given to new programs/ministries that move churches to places where disciples are formed, grow and make new disciples of Jesus Christ who will transform the world. South Georgia has its own application and process. Contact staff person at


Immigration: The United Methodist Church recognizes, embraces, and affirms all persons, regardless of country of origin, as members of the family of God. We urge society to "recognize the gifts, contributions, and struggles of those who are immigrants and to advocate for justice for all." - Social Principles


Native American Ministries: Native American Awareness Sunday recognizes and supports the contributions of Native Americans to the church and society. The observance, approved by the 1988 General Conference, is one of six special churchwide Sunday offerings.


As a member of The United Methodist Church, your gift, on this day, equips Native congregations—like New York’s Onondaga Nation UMC and Nebraska’s Native American Sacred Winds congregation—to worship and serve as only they can. This work, and hundreds of other ministries, are possible because you give.


Our Giving Allows Native Americans to Encounter, Worship and Serve Jesus. When you support Native American Ministries Sunday, you equip seminary students who will honor and celebrate Native American culture in their ministries. And you empower congregations that are finding fresh new ways to minister to their communities with the love of Christ.


Persons with DisabilitiesWe call United Methodists to a new birth of awareness of the need to accept, include, receive the gifts of, and respond to the concerns of those persons with intellectual, physical, psychological, and/or neurological disabilities, including their families. Download the Annual Accessibility Audit list 


Poverty, One Campaign, issues of extreme poverty: ONE is a campaigning and advocacy organization of more than eight million people around the world taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.


Prison Ministry: Assisting women and teenage boys to reenter family and society and providing vocational help.


Race and Religion, General CommissionThe Core Values of GCORR are based on the biblical imperative of right relationships with God and one another–relationships of: Love, Grace, Equity, Justice, Respect, and Mutual Accountability.


SBC21, Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century: SBC21 works directly with United Methodist Annual Conferences, local churches, and ministries providing a variety of services. We connect local churches with collaborative networks of master trainers, seasoned coaches, congregational resource centers and experts in leadership development and ministry development.


Sexual Ethics: Raising Awareness, preventing Sexual Abuse, promoting healthy boundaries, bringing about Justice and healing, definitions and Social Principles, policy, resources and training, complaint Process. Download Flyer


Sexual and Gender Issues of Justice: Eradicating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, 2016 Book of Resolutions, #3427. All of creation is sacred in God’s sight. Because many women and children, along with others, are ignored, abused, and violated, we urge renewed commitment to prohibiting violence against women and children in all its forms.


Special Sundays Offerings: The United Methodist Church designates a number of Sundays throughout the year as opportunities for recognizing and supporting particular ministries. These are referred to as Special Sundays and most include an offering used to fund the work of these programs. Special Sundays fall into three different categories:


Churchwide Special Sundays with offerings: Human Relations, UMCOR, Native American Ministries, Peace with Justice, World Communion. Special Sundays approved for Annual Conference offerings: Christian Education, Golden Cross, Rural Life, Disabilities Awareness: Four Special Sundays are observed on dates determined by the annual conference. Offerings are used for ministries within the annual conference. Special Sundays without offerings: Heritage, Laity, Organ and Tissue Donor, Men's Ministry.


Status and Role of Women, General Commission: Challenging the UMC for the full and equal participation of women in the total life and mission of the Church. The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women advocates for full participation of women in the total life of The United Methodist Church. We’re helping the church recognize every person – clergy and lay, women and men, adults and children - as full and equal parts of God’s human family. We believe that a fully engaged and empowered membership is vital to The United Methodist Church’s mission "to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

All of creation is sacred in God’s sight. Because many women and children, along with others, are ignored, abused, and violated, we urge renewed commitment to prohibiting violence against women and children in all its forms. -2016 Book of Resolutions, #3427


Advocacy Team

Denise Rooks, Chair
Focus: Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships
Denise believes the ties that bind our hearts in Christian love are much stronger than the issues that seek to divide us. Her mission is to continually create an awareness that we are united in Christ, and that God's love binds us in perfect unity.
Christy Odom
Focus: Persons with disabilities
Christy serves as our advocacy team point person on full inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities. She is working to make sure that people with disabilities are welcome as full participants in their churches and in the kingdom of God. psychological-disabilities
Rev. Ashley Randall
Focus: Extreme poverty worldwide
Ashley is committed to equipping people to become effective advocates for justice and equality by partnering with organizations like International Justice Ministries ( and the ONE Campaign ( He believes that as followers of Christ raise their voices they can protect the poor from violence, improve their access to vital services, and end extreme poverty worldwide.
Suzanne Akins & Kelly Robeson, Staff persons related to the Advocacy Team
Focus: Connectional Ministries Staff is committed to serving and supporting the Advocacy team ministries and passionate about focusing and engaging in advocacy issues and educating, informing and calls to action. 
Previous Articles and Upcoming Events for Ministry opportunities from the Advocacy Team, Alive Together In Christ

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