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A Conversation with an Indian (continued)

April 01, 2019

Q. How do you know the One above can destroy all your enemies?

A. From what I have seen. When our enemies came against us before, then the beloved clouds came for us. And often much rain, and sometimes hail, has come upon them, and that on a very hot day. And I saw, when many French and Choctaws and other nations came against one of our towns. And the ground made a noise under them, and the beloved ones in the air behind them. And they were afraid, and went away, and left their meat and drink and their guns. I tell no lie. All these I saw.

Q. Have you heard such noises at other times?

A. Yes, often; before and after almost every battle.

Q. What sort of noises were they?

A. Like the noise of drums and guns and shouting.

Q. Have you heard any such lately?

A. Yes, four days after our last battle with the French.

Q. Then you heard nothing before it?

A. The night before I dreamed; I hear many drums up there, and many trumpets there, and much stamping of feet and shouting. Till then I thought we should all die. But then I thought the beloved ones were come to help us. And the next day I heard above a hundred guns go off before the fight began. And I said, “When the sun is there, the beloved ones will help us, and we shall conquer our enemies.” And we did so.

To be continued ...

The Rev. Dave Hanson is a retired pastor and John Wesley scholar.

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