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Dear Friends of the South Georgia Conference, These are not easy days in our beloved church, and, yet, I find myself thanking God every day for the people He has called me to ...
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Security Light

April 21, 2014


Soon after my husband died, I asked the power company to place a security light in my front yard. Each night, the yellow glow moves softly through my bedroom windows, making me feel safe. I am not afraid to live alone, but I also don’t mind admitting that the extra light adds comfort as I turn off my house lights and get into bed. Any immediate dread of the dark gives way to the fact that the light will always come. Shortly after I close my eyes and adjust to the darkness, I open them and focus on my well-known surroundings. Secure in that comfort, I close my eyes and go to sleep.

Like you, I go through challenges, days of trials that try to keep me down in the dark places of life. I can choose to keep my eyes closed to the possibility of light streaming through my windows into my dark room. Or, I can invite the light of God’s Darling, Jesus Christ, to bring light into my pain, my sadness, my hurts. John 1:9 points to Jesus as being that true light that gives light to every man (and woman) coming into the world. I must daily know Him and seek to let His healing light touch every part of me. He must be my well-known surroundings, so that even in the darkest places of my existence, His light will bring me security.

Unless I remain here until Jesus returns, I will one day face death. Should there be any concern of the dark unknown, it will be immediately replaced by Truth: the Light will come. Shortly after I close my eyes in death and adjust to the split-second darkness, I will open them on the view what I already know: Jesus. My familiar surrounding from earth will greet me on the other side. Do I need to know any more of heaven than that? His light will bring me security.

One day, all that I have known will be behind me, and I will zoom through the sky to my final Home, the new heaven and earth. That city will not need the sun or moon, for God’s glory will give the light, and the Lamb, Jesus, will be the lamp. Secure, snug and completely happy, I will be forever in those well-known surroundings. Once again, the Security Light comes.

Do you know the security light called Jesus Christ? No matter what you are facing, His light will be your comfort. There is no need to fear what is before you today or tomorrow. Let His light envelope you, bringing you out of darkness and into His comforting light.

The Rev. B.J. Funk is associate pastor of Central UMC in Fitzgerald. Email her at bjfunk@bellsouth.net


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