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You ARE a leader. So be a GOOD one!

July 29, 2014


You are a leader.

You are a leader not because of the title you have or the position you hold but because God created each of us to be Christian leaders. Stop thinking of leadership as a position and start thinking of it as personal influence. Leadership is using your influence to make a difference in the lives of people around you. Good leaders leverage their relationships with others to move them closer to Christ. We are all leaders, leading people closer to or further away from Christ.

Since we’re all leaders, we need to do our best to be good ones! There are two characteristics of people who live out their calling to be leaders.  

  1. Grow Personally! It’s vitally important that Christian leaders are constantly growing and learning. When you stop learning you stop leading. A good leader is intentional about growing in the following areas:

    • Spiritually – Do you spend time reading God’s Word and in daily prayer? Do you participate in worship, not just attending, but actively engaging in the worship experience through singing, listening, and participating? Seek out ways to challenge your faith and grow so you will always have something new to share with those you lead.
    • Professionally – Do you attend conferences and read blogs and articles to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and movements in the Church? Begin to see yourself as part of a large community of faith, a connection of churches whose leaders collaborate and support each other in order to reach the world for Christ. Be willing to be vulnerable and seek help from other church leaders in your area. Don’t let pride get in the way of your willingness to develop yourself professionally.
    • Socially – Are you involved with activities outside your church family that allow you to engage with the people in your community? Get involved with sports activities, civic clubs, as a volunteer in local community events, etc. Seek out friendships outside the walls of your church so you can stay in touch with the needs of the community around you.
    • Personally and emotionally – Do you regularly schedule time in your week to reflect on your calling to ministry? Why do you think God has placed you where you are now? Here is a hint: it has very little to do with what you can do for Him and a whole lot to do with what He wants to do in you. In order to understand how God created you to lead others, you must spend time getting to know and understand yourself.
  2. Invest Intentionally! We all have a circle of people who observe and learn from our life and example. That’s what makes each of us leaders! But good leaders intentionally invest in a few specific people with the express purpose of raising them up to be good leaders. Good leaders multiply themselves!

Who are you raising up? Write their names down and post them on your wall so they are always before you. Think about them and pray for them constantly. Don’t just hope that you are being a positive influence on them. Intentionally develop a plan to help them grow. Write down how you plan on investing in them relationally. Check to see if they are growing. Study them to discover where they need to grow more. What ministry opportunities or leadership responsibilities might help them grow? Don’t think of them as resources for you to use to do ministry, but think of the ministry task as resources for you to use to help them grow.

We’re all leaders who are influencing those around us one way or another. We are good leaders when we’re personally growing in our faith and intentionally investing in others. Seek to be a good leader who brings glory to God through the way you influence others.

Looking for more leadership materials for your church? Click on the Resources tab at and click on Program Resources, or email or

Jay Hanson, Lead Pastor, and Anne Bosarge, Director of Discipleship, serve at The Chapel in Brunswick. They love sharing about the ways God is moving in their church. Contact them at and for more information. 

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