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Stop working in problems and start working on them

October 06, 2014


How much time do you spend working in problems instead of working on problems in your church? Think about some of your most difficult issues. Does your list look something like this?

Lack of volunteers

Everything that needs to get done never does

Always a shortage of resources

Discouraged and unmotivated people

Enthusiasm to reach the unchurched is just not there

Resistance to change always seems to win the day

How much time and energy do you spend working within these issues instead of working on a solution to the problem? Almost every problem within the church can be resolved by having the right leader working on the right problem. It may seem hard to imagine that ongoing problems can be resolved when you’ve lived and worked within the limitations of these problem for so long. We get so absorbed in managing the problem that we don’t even think of pulling away for a while to solve the problem. Think about the ministry areas in your church that are successfully reaching people. At some point, the right leader was put in the right place to make that happen.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. That’s why leadership really matters! The more well-trained, fully invested leaders you have, the more motivated, enthusiastic participants you will have! So how do you get the leaders you need to solve the problems you have? Glad you asked! In the next few issues of The Advocate, Anne and I will attempt to share with you some of the ways we have been striving to do this in our ministries at The Chapel. But without a doubt the first step is to:


Stop filling gaps in the schedule with warm bodies instead of willing servants, let go of worrying about finances, quit complaining about ministries that aren’t working, and stressing about people who aren’t involved. Don’t put the wrong people in positions of leadership.

Stop programs and ministries that don’t have strong leadership. Without the right leader in place, ministries will not have long-term sustainability. God will always supply the right leader for any ministry in which he’s calling your church to engage. Find the areas where you do have the right leaders for the job and focus even more energy and effort on those ministries.

Stop thinking about positional leadership and start thinking about personal leadership. Who are the leaders in your area? Not necessary the people in the positions of leadership, but who are the influencers in your community? Who do people follow? Those are the people you need to disciple and encourage.

Stop working in the problems for just one week. Set aside a week and gather the most invested and intentional leaders in your church. Use that week to focus on creating a system of training, equipping, and caring for leaders. Don’t be afraid to let a few balls drop that week so you can focus on creating a solution to the problem. Become intentional about investing in the future of your church through leadership development. It’s not a quick fix for all your problems, and it will certainly create challenges of its own, but creating systems that develop leaders is the best way to accomplish your goal of reaching people for Christ. If you begin to systematically train and develop leaders – not just one or two leaders, but different types of leaders for specific roles – these leaders will feel a sense of purpose and calling which will translate to increased volunteers, an ability for you to delegate the work load, a better sense of investment and partnership within your church, and increased excitement and willingness to invite their friends!

Looking for more leadership materials for your church? Click on the Resources tab at and click on Program Resources, or email or

Jay Hanson, Lead Pastor, and Anne Bosarge, Director of Discipleship, serve at The Chapel in Brunswick. They love sharing about the ways God is moving in their church. Contact them at and for more information. 


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