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A Challenge for 2023: Look for the Good

January 07, 2023
By Rev. Abra Lattany-Reed
When God looks at us, I think He looks for a reflection of Himself in our character, choices, as well as our overall lifestyle. But what do we look for when we interact with people? Too often we focus on what's wrong with someone more than we spotlight what they do right. When a person is good, it means that he or she is morally excellent or a person of integrity, kind, friendly, refined, cheerful, and righteous.
This world we live in has a tendency to be very focused on negative information. The daily news is saturated with killing, stealing, and destruction! Many forms of entertainment encourage ungodly character practices such as adultery, fornication, lying, character assassination, self-centeredness, lust, envy and jealousy.
Actually, there are very good qualities that can be found in everyone! Sometimes we have to practice patience to find the good, but when we diligently look for and ask the Holy Spirit to help us, we will definitely see a lot of good in people. In some instances, you may need to forgive, let go of the past, and/or let go of past and present offense in order to succeed in seeing or recognizing the good in others.
Because our sinful nature prevents us from being perfect, there are times in which believers become angry, impatient, rude, or irritated. But we don't allow ourselves to stay stuck there; we quickly repent and get back into God's perfect will. This war with our flesh should help us to be more compassionate when we interact with unpleasant people. Hopefully, we will recognize that just like we have good and not so good days, so do other people.
When you sincerely look for the good in others, it prevents you from being critical, harsh, rude, impatient and disrespectful towards others. When you choose to focus on the good qualities in people, it prevents you from focusing on what you think is wrong with them more than what you see that is right. You inspire people to strive for excellence; you build hope and happiness in them, demonstrate acts of kindness and express unconditional love when you choose to focus more on their good qualities. Correction and/or constructive criticism will be embraced, accepted, and applied when you spotlight more of what a person does well than what they do wrong!
When you spell the word “good” with a capital "G” and strike through one of the "Øs”, what do you have left? God! This confirms that there is a good God somewhere in everyone. Let's put forth more effort to look for and spotlight the good in people. Unfortunately, some people don't even realize that God loves them, but our kindness towards them will assure them that He does. Philippians 4:8 (TLB) instructs us to dwell on the fine, good things in others. In other words: look for the good!
Rev. Abra Lattany-Reed serves as the Director of Diversity and Justice Ministries for the South Georgia Conference. Email her at abra@sgaumc.com

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