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What if...?

May 06, 2013


It was a hot, June day in South Georgia. The word “hot” doesn't even seem sufficient. After all, June in South Georgia can bring days when the heat sits on you like a 50 pound backpack.

It was the sort of day when you couldn't keep water cold for long. But you don't care because you'd settle for tepid water if it means rehydrating after just a few minutes in the oppressive heat of the day. It was the sort of day when any indoor space became a Promised Land flowing with milk, honey, and air conditioning. On this particularly hot day, the assembly gathered in the convention center, fleeing the heat and anxiously awaiting the start of the next business session.

“Yes, microphone number 1. Do you have a speech for or against the motion on the floor? Please tell us your name and district.”

And then suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind filled the convention center. Some wondered if it was a summer twister – the ones famous for rolling through South Georgia at a moment’s notice on a summer afternoon. But then they saw it – fire. Tongues of fire rested on all who were gathered in that place. All at once clergy and laity alike began to speak in one accord telling of the glory of God. The business of annual conference became a revival where worship and singing sprung forth in true Methodist fashion. And there was no more division between people based on theological stances and worldviews. Friend and foe alike began to praise God and speak of his mighty acts of salvation.

Onlookers began to ask questions about the absurdity of the scene. 

“They must be drunk!” one said.

One of those on the floor of conference responded, “We're not drunk, we're Methodists!” 

In the midst of the singing and praising someone remembered the words of the prophet Joel:

“In the last days, God says,

    I will pour out my Spirit on all people.

Your sons and daughters will prophesy,

    your young men will see visions,

    your old men will dream dreams.”

What would happen if Annual Conference really transpired like this?

It can be easy to long for dramatic scenes of revival in the midst of what seems like mundane business sessions. We're United Methodists, and these days we probably feel less evangelical and Spirit-led and more method-oriented and process driven. Sometimes it may feel like we listen to Robert’s Rules more than the Holy Spirit. 

I’m still very new to the ministry (this is only my third Annual Conference session as a clergy-person). But I wonder if we don't miss the forest for the trees in front of us when it comes to preparing for Annual Conference?

Maybe we long for the return of a past that we’ve romanticized so much that we miss the glory of the present and the future unfolding before us? We swear up and down on our grandmother’s grave that the Annual Conference sessions of 40 years ago used to be simpler and more spirit-filled. In an age of church decline it can be hard to see the movement of the Spirit among us.  

Maybe we wonder if the mundane business of Annual Conference sessions – the policies, procedures, and Lord knows, Robert's Rules – doesn't serve as the perfect distraction from listening to where the winds of the Spirit are blowing.  

But what if the Spirit of God is present even (and especially) in the moments when we aren’t expecting it?

What if the Holy Spirit is present in and guiding our talk of budgets and mission and even district realignments?

What if God's Spirit is leading us even when we dare to talk about radically changing how we function as an Annual Conference?

What if, by the grace of God, we could see the Holy Spirit’s presence in our agendas and budgets, rules and procedures, reports and motions when we least expect it?

I’m looking forward to my third Annual Conference. I’m looking forward to breaking bread with friends and worshipping with the people called Methodist in South Georgia. But even more, I’m looking forward to being a witness to God’s mighty acts in and among us.

We do not orchestrate God’s redemption of the world – we simply look for the signs and participate in it. And we don't have to wonder whether we should call on the Spirit to move among us – God’s Spirit is already at work in amazing and unexpected ways.

So I guess our prayer as we approach Annual Conference should be something like this: “Lord, give us eyes to see and ears to hear the signs of your mighty presence among us.”

Oh, and don't be surprised if the cool rush of air you feel on the back of your neck at the Macon Centreplex is not the air conditioning at all. It might just be the quiet rush of the Spirit’s wind reminding you that God is indeed among us.

The Rev. Ben Gosden is an associate pastor at Mulberry Street United Methodist Church in Macon.  He can be reached at



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