2022 Annual Conference Agenda

The 2022 Annual Conference Session will begin with an Opening Worship Service on Sunday evening, June 5, at 7:00 p.m. Conference will conclude with the Sending Forth Service on Wednesday, June 8. Our goal is to conclude the conference by lunchtime on Wednesday. Click here for a printed copy of the working agenda

Basic Timeline:

  • May 16 - Clergy Session Part 1 Meeting Link & Voting Credentials Issued Via Email
  • May 17 - Conference Member Online Meeting/Electronic Voting Training Session, 6pm
  • May 22 - Clergy Session Part 1, 4pm (Online) 
  • June 5 - Registration Opens, 3pm
  • June 5 - Opening Worship Service, 7pm
  • June 6 - Clergy Session Part 2 & Laity Session, 8:30am
  • June 6 - Methodist Home Barbecue (St. Luke UMC), 5pm
  • June 6 - Service of Ordination with Commissioning (St. Luke UMC), 7pm
  • June 7 - Memorial Service (St. Luke UMC), 2pm

Full Agenda:

The South Georgia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

June 5-8, 2022 

Theme: “Great Is Your Faithfulness” Lamentations 3:22-24 

Iron Works Convention Center, Columbus, Georgia

Sunday, May 22, 2022

4:00 PM    CLERGY SESSION - PART 1 (via Zoom Webinar) 

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Great Is Your Faithfulness: Welcome Home!

3:00 PM    Registration Opens (closes at 6:45 PM Sunday evening)

3:30 PM    Service of Ordination & Commissioning Rehearsal (St. Luke UMC)

5:30 PM    Opening Worship Rehearsal (Convention Center, Plenary Hall)

(Convention Center, Plenary Hall)

Sermon: Bishop James R. Swanson 

Special Offering: North Katanga Partnership

Monday, June 6, 2022

Great Is Your Faithfulness: Compassion

7:45 AM         Registration Opens 

8:30 AM         CLERGY SESSION - PART 2 (Convention Center, Dining Gallery, Second Floor)

                        LAITY SESSION (Convention Center, Plenary Hall)    

(Convention Center)

Sermon: Rev. Adriane Burgess

10:30 AM       CONFERENCE BUSINESS SESSION (Convention Center)

Convene and Welcome 

And Are We Yet Alive

Courtesies and Introductions (Rev. Lauri Hartley)

Organizing Motions (Mrs. Meredyth Earnest)

        Setting the “bar” of the Conference

        Election of Secretarial Staff

        Adoption of the 2022 Conference Agenda

Action on 2022 Consent Calendar (Mrs. Meredyth Earnest)

Presentation: Proposed Standing Rules Changes (Dr. Derek McAleer)

Presentation: Proposed Safe Sanctuaries Policy Updates (Mrs. Allison Lindsey)

Ministry Moment

Presentation: Committee on Resolutions (Rev. Doreen Smalls)

Presentation: Committee on Nominations (Mrs. Meredyth Earnest)

Conference Lay Leader Address (Mr. J. Knapp)

        Recognition of Fully Connectional and Evangelistically Fruitful Churches

Ministry Moment

Conference Mission Special Offering Presentation (Rev. Garth Duke-Barton)

12:00 PM        Lunch Break

2:00 PM          CONFERENCE BUSINESS SESSION (Convention Center)

John Wesley Moment (Rev. Dave Hanson)

Board of Ordained Ministry (Rev. Fran Magoni)

        Introduction of Extension Clergy

        Receiving New Clergy

Ministry Moment

SGA Delegation Report (Rev. Jim Cowart & Mr. Bill Hatcher)

Conference Board of Trustees (Dr. Jimmy Asbell)

Local Church Disaffiliations (Rev. Doreen Smalls, Dean of the Cabinet)


The Methodist Home: A Celebration of 150 Years in Ministry (Ms. Alison Evans)

        Invitation to complimentary BBQ dinner at St. Luke UMC

Conference Announcements and Recess

5:00 PM          Dinner Break     

The Methodist Home BBQ (St. Luke UMC, Ministry Center)

7:00 PM          ORDER OF THE DAY: Service of Ordination and Commissioning
(St. Luke UMC, Sanctuary)

Pre-Service Concert beginning at 6:30 pm

Columbus-wide choir under the direction of Dr. Marc Boensel

Sermon: Bishop David Graves

Offering: Ministerial Education Fund    

Reception Honoring the 2022, 2021, & 2020 Ordination & Commissioning Classes

(St. Luke UMC, Stockwell Hall)

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Great Is Your Faithfulness: Witness

8:30 AM         MORNING WORSHIP (Convention Center)

Sermon: Rev. Teresa Edwards

9:15 AM    CONFERENCE BUSINESS SESSION (Convention Center)

Ministry Moment

Action on Nominations (Mrs. Meredyth Earnest)

Action on Resolutions (Rev. Doreen Smalls)

Standing Break

11:15 AM       ORDER OF THE DAY: Golden Anniversary Awards/Retiree Recognition          

(Convention Center)

12:00 PM        Conference Announcements and Lunch Break

1:00 PM          Conference Visitation with Families of those whom we will remember
All are welcome to come and greet the families.

(St. Luke UMC, Stockwell Hall)

2:00 PM      ORDER OF THE DAY: Memorial Service with Holy Communion
(St. Luke UMC, Sanctuary)

Sermon: Rev. Bill Bagwell

Offering: Fund for Special Relief

*The service will also be live streamed at the Convention Center.

3:30 PM          CONFERENCE BUSINESS SESSION (Convention Center)

Ministry Moment

Action on Standing Rules 

Action on Safe Sanctuaries Policy Updates

John Wesley Moment (Rev. Dave Hanson)

Standing Break

Ministry Moment

Pension and Health Benefits Report (Dr. Ben Martin)

        Retiree Health Care Trust Proposal

Equitable Compensation Report (Mr. Philip Lord)

        Setting of Minimum Salary

Church Closings (Rev. Doreen Smalls, Dean of the Cabinet)

5:00 PM       Dinner Break

7:00 PM       CONFERENCE BUSINESS SESSION (Convention Center)


Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Great Is Your Faithfulness: Peace


8:30 AM         MORNING WORSHIP (Convention Center)

Sermon: Rev. Daniel Medina

9:15 AM    CONFERENCE BUSINESS SESSION (Convention Center)

Ministry Moment

Council on Finance and Administration Report (Dr. Shane Green)

        2023 Conference Budget

        Statistician’s Report (Dr. Derek McAleer)

John Wesley Moment  (Rev. Dave Hanson)

A collective prayer of lamentation of harm done to Boy Scouts participants 

August 2022 Called Annual Conference Session Details (Bishop David Graves)

Annual Conference Program Committee

        Invitation to the 2023 Annual Conference

Closing Motions and Announcement

Standing Break

10:30 AM       ORDER OF THE DAY: Sending Forth Service (Convention Center)

Fixing of the 2022-2023 Appointments

Episcopal Address: Bishop David Graves


Adjournment Sine Die

*Please note: This is the Working Agenda as of the publication of the Book of Recommendations and Reports. It is subject to change. The final agenda will be provided to conference members at registration and voted on during the opening business session.

**Our goal is to adjourn by lunchtime on Wednesday. If the business of the conference is not yet complete we will take a lunch break after the sending forth service and return to complete our work. 

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