Annual Conference Session 2018

2018 Annual Conference Session | Jekyll Island, GA | June 3-5

A Note from the Conference Secretary - 12/13/17

Dear Lay and Clergy Members of the Annual Conference and Conference Leaders,

We are excited about our gathering for the 2018 Annual Conference Session from Sunday, June 3, to Tuesday afternoon, June 5, 2018. Our host District Superintendent, Dr. Wayne Moseley, the Local Arrangements Coordinator, Mr. Bill Allen, and the marvelous army of volunteers that Bill led in 2017 are gearing up again to host us at the Jekyll Island Convention Center on Jekyll Island.

You will remember from the Annual Conference email sent on October 12 that our conference schedule has been shortened a day in order to address concerns over costs of hotel rooms and meals on the island. The full Annual Conference Program Planning Team has already met twice this year, and we have now scheduled our retiree recognition, Memorial Service, and other major worship services so that you can make plans accordingly.

Sunday, June 3, 2018
2:30 PM    Registration Opens
6:30 PM    Opening Worship Service
7:45 PM    Laity Orientation & Clergy Session

Monday, June 4, 2018
8:30 AM    Opening Plenary Session
11:00 AM  Golden Anniversary/Retiree Recognition
12:00 PM  Lunch
1:00 PM    Gathering of Family & Friends of Deceased Servants
2:00 PM    Memorial Service
3:20 PM    Afternoon Plenary Session
5:45 PM    Methodist Home Barbecue
7:30 PM    Ordination/Commissioning Service

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
8:30 AM    Morning Plenary Session
12:00 PM  Lunch
2:00 PM    Afternoon Plenary
3:15 PM    Fixing the Appointments/Sending Forth
4:00 PM    Adjournment

At the 2018 Conference Session, Bishop Bryan will lead us in celebrating our year-long emphasis on being “Alive Together in Worship,” and introduce the next year’s emphasis. We will be given tools to help us in planning ministry and engage in conversation around a “Way Forward” for our denomination.

Please read below for additional information related to annual conference. Between now and annual conference, we will send regular updates. You can also find the latest information on the conference website,

Please contact me if you have any questions.  

Dr. Jay Harris, Conference Secretary


Passing Information to Delegates
This email is being sent to all clergy and lay members to Annual Conference (both the lay persons currently serving and the ones set to begin their position in 2018 who have been entered during this year’s Charge Conference season) as well as conference and agency leaders. Clergy, please make sure your lay member to Annual Conference gets this information ASAP. Laity, please make sure your clergy has this information as well.

For a list of hotel options, please visit

Childcare & Beach Camp 
We will be offering childcare for infants all the way up to middle school during this year's Annual Conference Session. Childcare for infants through preschool age children will be available for all worship services and business sessions. Elementary and middle school age children will be participating in the second annual Beach Camp hosted by the Camp Connect Leadership Team, under the direction of Suzanne Akins. Beach Camp will be available for opening worship and business sessions only. Details are still being worked out with more information to come in early 2018.


Important Deadlines

BOR Reports - March 1
Reports for the Book of Recommendations and Reports (BOR) are due March 1, 2018. Email reports to Jay Harris at and Kara Witherow at no later than March 1.

Resolutions - March 1
Resolutions are due by March 1, 2018, in order to be included in the BOR and reviewed by the Committee on Resolutions. Any resolutions submitted after March 1 may not be considered by the annual conference unless there is a suspension of our Standing Rules, which must receive approval by at least 2/3 of the conference delegates. For information on how to submit a resolution visit

Registration for Display Tables - May 1
Display spaces are available to groups and agencies related to the South Georgia Conference. Display spaces for United Methodist Church agencies cost $75 without power and $80 with power. This is the cost passed on to us by the Convention Center. Other non-UM agencies and vendors also have the opportunity to set up displays. Please see the display policy for those prices and conditions. The display policy as well as the registration form to reserve booth space can be found at Reservations for the space must be made by the May 1 deadline prior to the conference.

Banquets - May 1
If you have a group that would like to plan a banquet or special event, contact Dr. Wright Culpepper at or 912.261.8512, ext. 101. The deadline to book a banquet is May 1.

Questions  For questions regarding the business of Annual Conference, please contact Dr. Jay Harris at For questions regarding local arrangements or any general questions, please contact Bill Allen at or Kelly Roberson at 912-270-6172 or

Social Media for the 2018 Annual Conference

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Instagram: #sgaumc

What is Annual Conference?

Each year—traditionally in June for the South Georgia Conference—all clergy members and an equal number of lay members selected from the local churches attend their conference’s Annual Conference session and meet together to worship, fellowship, and conduct the business of the conference, which may last 3-5 days. During these sessions, members of the conference hear reports of past and ongoing work; adopt future goals, programs and budgets; ordain clergy members as deacons and elders; and elect delegates to Jurisdictional and General Conferences (every 4 years). The bishop presides over these meetings.