The 2012 Annual Conference Session will be held in Macon June 3-5.

2011-2012 Clergy Appointment List
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Annual Conference Session Wrap-up 
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Annual Conference Session Bulletin Insert
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Election Results
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South Georgia Advocate Articles from Annual Conference
--South Georgia United Methodists encouraged, take actions at Annual Conference session 
--Robert Beckum, Larry Price to lead delegation
--Conference approves significantly reduced $11.7 million budget for 2012
--South Georgia Conference creates “buzz” in support of Imagine No Malaria
--The "quiet chatter" heard during Annual Conference
--In the Kingdom of God We are Never Alone
--Evangelism and mission awards presented

Annual Conference Session Daily Highlights
--Sunday, June 5
--Monday, June 6
--Tuesday, June 7
--Wednesday, June 8
--Thursday, June 9

Special Offering
$75,050.06 was collected for Imagine No Malaria

Monday, June 6
Ordination Service

Tuesday, June 7
A Healthier Me
Wednesday, June 8
Thursday, June 9

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