Apportionment Resources

Budget At a Glance 

The Budget at a Glance explains the 2018 budget of Mission and Ministries of the South Georgia Conference. This “budget at a glance” provides a breakdown of the Conference budget into two parts to help pastors and congregants better understand how their apportionment dollars are spent.


How a Dollar is Spent in South Georgia

Ever wonder how the average dollar given to a local United Methodist Church in South Georgia gets spent? Click here for a breakdown of these figures.  If you just want the chart, click here.


Advance Special Fund Numbers

Click here to download the mission fund numbers for the Advance Specials and Plus Lane specials supported by our Annual Conference.  The list is clearly divided into each of the 6 Lanes of Advance Special, and the Plus Lane for South Georgi, for easy reference.


UMC Giving Website

Why do we apportion? Where does our money go? If you or anyone in your congregation is asking these questions, click here to find resources to help you find the answers.


UMC Data Tracking Website

The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) has created a great website to track your church, district, or annual conference statistics, and put them in easy-to-use graph form.  Go to and look up your local church, and run a few graphs on your attendance, Sunday School, or mission giving!