Arthur J. Moore Award for Historic Preservation

This award is given to an individual of the South Georgia Conference who:

  • Writes a biography of memorable people within the Conference
  • An outstanding local church historian
  • An outstanding volunteer of the Moore Methodist Museum
  • Preservationist of the story of south Georgia Methodism

This award is presented each year, in December, at the annual business meeting of Friends of Methodist Heritage.  Past winners include:

  • 2016 Rev. Dave Hanson
  • 2015 Rev. Jimmy Duke
  • 2014  Ellen Reynolds
  • 2013  Robert Hutto
  • 2012  Dr. Martha Tootle Cain
  • 2011  Fern Lavender
  • 2010  Marynell Waite

If you are interested in applying or nominating someone else, please call the Moore Methodist Museum for an application.  The deadline for nominations is September 1 of each year.  A decision for the winner will be made by the Archives & History Committee.