2018 Book of Recommendations and Reports

Business items for the 2018 Annual Conference session are contained in the Book of Recommendations and Reports (BOR). One of the purposes of the BOR is to encourage delegates to read the recommendations, reports, and resolutions prior to arriving at conference. A good delegate is a prepared delegate.

The 2015 Annual Conference session voted that all Annual Conference materials, including the Book of Recommendations and Reports, be made available online on the conference website and through other electronic means. The BOR is now available for download as a PDF file at no cost in its entirety or in sections. You can also purchase it for $5 (plus tax and shipping) as a professionally bound book through lulu.com. Additionally, a version has been designed specifically for those wishing to utilize the information in electronic form only.

A complete conference agenda may be found in the BOR (please note that it is subject to change). Please check out “AC 2018” regularly on the conference website as we get closer to annual conference. There are some reports that will appear on the website which are not included in the BOR. These reports will be important to have with you during the Annual Conference session. Please download onto your digital device, or print out, all the materials that you wish to have with you, because wireless internet capabilities may be limited in the Conference Center. 


Option #1: On-demand printing of the 2018 Book of Recommendations and Reports through LULU.com.

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Option #2: Digital download / free PDF for making Printed Copies or Electronic Viewing

The Book of Recommendations and Reports is also available as a free PDF download. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to download the file(s). If you don’t already have it installed, visit www.adobe.com and follow the instructions. If you are viewing the document electronically, the page numbers have been formatted to match the printed version, enabling you to easily find a page when referenced during the Annual Conference session.

Full version of the 2018 Book of Recommendations and Reports for printing/Electronic Viewing: 

2018 Book of Recommendations and Reports (134 pages)

Section versions of the 2018 Book of Recommendations and Reports for printing/Electronic Viewing: 

Section 1 - Preparing for Annual Conference (19 pages)

Section 2 - Recommendations (48 pages)

Section 3 - Resolutions (8 pages)

Section 4 - Consent Calendar (Reports) (74 pages)


*The Conference is using www.Lulu.com, an online print-on-demand publishing company, to print the 2018 Book of Recommendations and Reports. Orders will be made and processed via their secure website and shipped directly from their facility.