Charge Conference Forms

Section 1 - Church Dashboard - Leadership List & Compensation Report

LOGIN: Click here for church dashboard login.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click here for instructions on how to use the Church Dashboard.

Each church will login to their church dashboard to complete the following:

  • Church Lay Leadership List. Each pastor will present a full, printed slate of nominations to the charge conference for election. A printed copy of this list should be submitted to the District Superintendent for District records.
  • Pastor(s) Compensation Report. Please note: Part 2 (Sections 8 & 9) will be open beginning November 12, after open enrollment ends. The compensation report will close December 7.
  • Local Church Information

If you have misplaced your Username and Password for your church's dashboard, click on the link in the dashboard page that says "need help logging in?" or contact your District Office.  One Username and Password is assigned to EACH church in the annual conference.

Section 2 - Forms for the Local Church

Please note: Once completed these forms will be ready to print and place in your charge conference packet. However, depending on your software, the PDF Forms may not save the information entered. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and download PDF forms.

1.  Charge Conference Minutes (Two Formats Available - Choose One)
     a)      (PDF
      b)     (MS Word)  

2.  Trustees Report (Two Formats Available - Choose One)
Please note: We recommend filling this out in the Word version so that you can save it on your computer and update it each year without having to retype the same information each year.
      a)      (PDF
      b)      (MS Word)  

3.  Safe Sanctuaries Report to the Charge Conference 
      a)      PDF Form  (This PDF is not fillable. You can print it out and fill it out by hand.)
4.  Finance Committee Report -    There are two ways to satisfy the requirement for a Finance Committee Report to the Charge Conference. You may select one or more of the following report formats:
      a)      You may submit the most recent copy of the detailed financial report given to the Administrative Board/                 Church Council.
      b)      You may use the Finance Committee Report form provided below. Please choose your desired format: 
                (PDF), (MS Word)

      c)      You may also wish to use the Fund Balance Report as part of your report in January when it is time for                 your annual audit.  (PDF), (MS Word)

5.  Lay Servant Ministries Report Forms
      a)      Lay Speaker  PDF Form

      b)      Certified Lay Servant PDF Form

      c)      Certified Lay Minister PDF Form

Please note: The Lay Leadership List will be completed through the Church Dashboard found in Section 1 above.

Section 3 - Forms for Clergy

1.  Report of Pastor (Two Formats Available - Choose One)
      a)      (PDF)
      b)      (MS Word

2. Continuing Education Worksheet (Two Formats Available - Choose One)
      a)      Fillable PDF Form 
      b)      MS Word Format

3.  Annual Parsonage Review Report  - If Needed  (PDF Only Format Available)

4.  Housing Allowance - If Needed (Two Formats Available - Choose One)
      a)      Fillable PDF Form
      b)      MS Word Format

5.  Accountable Reimbursement Policy - If Needed (Two Formats Available - Choose One)
      a)      Fillable PDF Form
      b)      MS Word Format


Please note: The Pastors Compensation Form will be completed through the Church Dashboard found in Section 1 above.

Section 4 - Forms for Clergy Associated with Your Church

1.  Report of Deacons in Full Connection (Fillable PDF Form)  (MS Word Format)

2.  Report of Diaconal Ministers  (Fillable PDF Form)

3.  Retired Clergy Report to Charge Conference  (Fillable PDF Form)

4.  Extension Clergy Report to Charge Conference  (Word Document)

Section 5 - Conference Agencies/Ministries Gathering Information from the Local Church 

The following agencies/ministries of our Conference would like your help in capturing some information as they actively seek ways to further the Kingdom of God. Please note the following links will take you away from the conference website. 

1. Georgia UMCommission Higher Education + Collegiate Ministry

The Georgia UMCommission Higher Education + Collegiate Ministry would like your assistance in gathering the names of the college students in your local church. The names you supply help the Commission and Campus Ministers reach out to and connect with your students on our college campuses across the state of Georgia. If you have questions or need assistance with this form, please contact the Commission at 770-854-7283. 

      -- Georgia UMCommission Higher Education + Collegiate Ministry Form - College Students          

2.  United Methodist Higher Education Foundation

The United Methodist Higher Education Foundation would like assistance in gathering the names of the high school students in your local church. United Methodist Higher Education Foundation will use this information to send your high school students information on the United Methodist Leadership Scholars program. Learn more by clicking here. If you have any students that would be interested please submit their name(s) by clicking on the link below.

      --United Methodist Higher Education Foundation - High School Students  (Click here for instructions) 

3. Wesley Glen Advocate

Advocates are an important link for churches to stay informed about news and upcoming events at Wesley Glen Ministries. Please name a Wesley Glen Advocate for your church or charge. Contact Kathy McCollum for more information (; 478-471-3711).

      --Wesley Glen Advocate Form (pdf)
      --Wesley Glen Advocate Form (Word)

4. Vashti Advocate

The Vashti Center for Children and Families appreciates those who keep our mission connected with your congregation so they may share in Vashti Center’s ministry—be it through prayer, love offerings, or mission work. Knowing you are with us in spirit as we labor to bring healing to wounded kids means the world to us. If you have questions or need assistance with this form, please contact Susan O'Neal at or (229) 226-4634 ext 142.

      --Vashti Advocate Form 


5. Methodist Home Champion

The Methodist Home for Children and Youth would like for each local church to select a Champion who could help them tell the story of the ministry of The Children's Home in your local church. If you have questions or need assistance with this form, please contact Dr. Bob Moon at or 478-751-2848.

      --Methodist Home Champion Form 


6. Magnolia Manor Advocate

Magnolia Manor Manor would like for each local church to select an Advocate who could help them spread the word about the ministry of Magnolia Manor.  If you have questions or need assistance with the form, please contact Stephen L. Vinson at 229-931-5925.

      --Magnolia Manor Advocate Form


7. Epworth By The Sea Ambassador

Epworth By The Sea would like for each local church to select an "Epworth By The Sea Ambassador." The goal of the program is to make local churches in the South Georgia Conference more aware of their Conference and Retreat Center and what blessings and benefits the programs offered by the Connectional Ministries Office and Epworth By The Sea have to offer their congregations. If you have questions or need assistance with this form, please contact Mallery Hale at 912-638-8688.

      --Epworth By The Sea Ambassador Form