10,000 Church Challenge

No one alone has the resources necessary to fulfill the promise of Abundant Health. Therefore, we seek to engage at least 10,000 churches to develop support systems for health care treatment, education and prevention in their surrounding communities.

The 10,000-church challenge provides an opportunity for congregations to open their doors and invite their communities in by sharing a message of healing and hope through health prevention, treatment, education and communication.

We invite your church to participate in the work of reducing preventable deaths of children in every place through:

  • Physical activity
  • Healthy diet and nutrition
  • Tobacco and drug-free living
  • Mental health education and promotion

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

See the list for suggested activities in each of these four areas, in which your congregation can engage.

If we can imagine no malaria, we can imagine abundant health.


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10,000 Church Challenge FAQs


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