Avalon UMC - Southwest


     After a series of tent meetings with Rev. W. A. Kelley preaching, this church was organized on August 24, 1952.  110 people became charter members.  Rev. Harold A. Raines was the first pastor.  The present congregation first met in William Binns Recreation Hall until a church complex was built, in 1952, on Whitney Avenue.   A Wesleyan Service Guild and a Women's Society of Christian Service, later merged to form UMW, were organized in 1952.  In 1953, an MYF and a Men's Club were started.  There is also a Men's Bible Class as of 2006.
     June, 1985, the church moved to the current location on Gillionville Road.  In 1987, a multi-purpose building was added.  In 1992, the church celebrated 40 years.  In 1976, the church designated a Boy Scout Hut and, in 2011, Boy Scout Troop 11 had nine members receive merit badges.  


3018 Gillionville Road
Albany GA 31721