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Willacoochee UMC - South Central


At the quarterly conference in the Waycross District on September 5, 1885, authority was granted to establish a Methodist Church in Willacoochee. The building committee was composed of Mr. D. E. Gaskins, B. F. Summerlin, and N. M. Pafford. The sanctuary was a long, wooden building constructed parallel to the street. In the late 1920s, a small house at the back of the church caught fire and the fire spread to the church and it burned down. When it was rebuilt, the structure was turned around so that it no longer ran parallel to the street. H. L. Ethridge held a revival in the area and over one hundred people joined the church as a result. He returned in 1887 as the pastor and taught school to supplement his income. 
During a revival in 1906, Miss Bessie Oliver, a teacher in the school at Pinebloom, dedicated her life to the mission field and was sent to Korea where she stayed until her retirement. The Ladies’ Missionary Society was formed in 1906 and, in 1928, Gray's Chapel at Pinebloom merged with Willacoochee. Bishop Arthur J. Moore, who worked for the railroad prior to entering the ministry, married his wife, Miss Mattie McDonald, a teacher in the school, on the steps of the hotel in Willacoochee. 
During the pastorate of Rev. W. E. Chapple in 1941, the educational rooms were added to the sanctuary and, in 1948, the Nora Ladson Annex was constructed. The present parsonage was built under the leadership of Rev. Julian Tucker in the mid-1950s. The church was brick veneered in 1954 and memorial windows were installed with a new piano being purchased. Under the pastorate of Rev. Donald Youmans, new pews and carpets were added, Methodist hymnals replaced old songbooks and an acolyte program began. The church celebrated its centennial anniversary on October 27, 1985, and, in 1998, new stained glass windows were installed in the sanctuary. CHAT began in 2009 to provide a meal, singing and Bible lessons every Wednesday for the children of the church.



69 N Vickers Street (US-82 & GA-90)
Willacoochee GA 31650

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