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Blackshear First UMC - South Central


 Meeting in the Old Pierce County courthouse in late 1859 or early 1860, this church was organized. It met in homes and the community hall until the first building was erected in 1872. R. B. Reppard gave the material to build the church, a wooden frame building. The Blackshear Methodist church was the first built in Blackshear. In 1873, Blackshear MECS and Waycross MECS were put together as a charge and the pastor boarded in Blackshear. The second building, made of brick, was built in 1904, while Rev. R. E. Bailey was the pastor. The building committee included A. J. Strickland, E. L. Darling, Sr., John O. Ward, J. C. Brower and John A. Strickland. 
In the 1950s, while Rev. Lynwood Jordan was the pastor, this building was remodeled. Two Sunday school classrooms were added in the 1970s and a social hall and kitchen in the 1980s. 
The second parsonage, built in 1913, became a Sunday school space when a new parsonage was purchased in 1957. The Rev. Arthur J. Moore lived here for several years while serving as the Conference Evangelist. A screened recreation pavilion was built by the Methodist Men's Club and a new education building and fellowship hall was built in the 1960s. The pastor of the Blackshear Circuit in the early years began services for many of the neighboring towns, such as Waycross in 1873. It was a station church in 1919 with Rev. J.R. Webb, Sr., as pastor. In 1912, the Conference bought the Presbyterian Institute for a conference high school and college, renaming it Pierce Institute.
Blackshear FUMC has been involved with the community from the beginning. Many well-attended Sunday school classes were started in neighboring towns and missions were emphasized with the Woman's Missionary Society, Juvenile Missionary Society, and a Home Mission Society.
Women were first named as officers of the church in 1890 with Mrs. G. N. Hendry, Mrs. Susie Goethe, and Mrs. M. J. Grace being named to the Board of Stewards. The next woman to be elected was Mrs. W. B. Culpepper elected to lay leader in 1920. Mrs. L. H. Oden was named a trustee for 1925 and Mrs. R. W. Belvin joined her on the board in 1926.
In the 1970s, the women’s groups formed the UMW, a new organ was purchased, an illustrated church directory was published, and a new building committee was formed for a new Sunday school building. The first building in this expansion was finished in 1975 and held the nursery, kindergarten, elementary classrooms, restrooms, and storage closets. The second building was finished in October 1979 and contained the pastor's office, secretary's office, adult classrooms, restrooms and storage closets. The last building for these plans, containing a large social hall, dressing rooms, storage areas, large kitchen, pantry, and restrooms, was opened in June 1985. 



225 Church Street
Blackshear GA 31516

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