Campground UMC - South Central


When this section was open to settlement after the Indian treaty, Methodist Societies were begun in this area.  The actual meetings are not documented but began well before the dates for this church building.  This church held services in a brush arbor around 1880 and then in a log cabin.  The area was known as Taylor Town School and Campground.  In 1905, a one-room frame building was erected.  Jim "Pat" Tanner grew, cut, and sawed the timber for the second building, and Billie Tanner and Wade Belcher did the carpentering.  The present brick building was built in 1957 and Bishop Arthur Moore dedicated it.  In 1918, Campground was on the Alma Charge with these churches:  Alma, Campground, Mary's Chapel, Springfield, and Elizabeth's Chapel; Rev. F. A. Ratcliffe, the pastor.  In 1928, the Alma Charge had Alma, Rockingham, Holton, and Campground.  In 1956-57 it was the Nicholls-Campground Charge.  Since 1963 it has been on the Nicholls charge.

On February 13, 1970, a new fellowship hall, including restrooms, was dedicated by Bishop John Owen Smith.  In 1972, after a successful Harvest Festival, central heat/air conditioning was installed.   On October 15, 2000, the church held its 200th anniversary service with Bishop Francis Asbury (aka John McGowan) speaking.  


147 Campground Church Road
Nicholls GA 31554