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Zoar UMC - Northeast


The first date of a conference connection was in 1846 when Zoar was in the Warrenton Charge, Augusta District. The first mention in the South Georgia Conference occurred in 1867 when they were in the Macon District. Zoar has mentioned again in 1868, as being in the Savannah District. In 1870, the Gibson Mission was a part of the Washington Circuit. In 1871, the mission became the Gibson Charge. In 1918, Zoar became a part of the Stapleton Charge, Dublin District.   
Rev. J. N. Peacock held a revival with a children's service. Rev. J. P. Dell was a pastor of this church in 1904 and later came back to the district as a presiding elder. Rev. J. T. Mims was the following leader but he died suddenly while preaching at Stapleton. In 1922, while Rev. J. M. Williams was the pastor, the parsonage burned. Rev. J. C. Saville helped to rebuild the parsonage. In 1934, a severe storm with strong winds leaned the church considerably and the building had to be underpinned to make it steady again. 
The present church building is the third structure used and was constructed in 1897. The pews were built in Macon, shipped to Graham and hauled to church in wagons. In 1916, the church was painted and an organ was bought in 1925. In 1928 an altar rail, new pews, new carpet, and heater were added. The first piano was purchased in 1928. The first Sunday school was organized in 1912; Mr. Lemuel Brooks was the first Sunday school superintendent. The Woman's Missionary Society was organized in 1927 by Mrs. C. L. Wall with eight charter members. Mrs. Myra Purvis was the first president. The Epworth League was organized in the 1930s. Three classrooms were added in 1953, under the direction of Mr. John Palmer. A front porch was added in 1960. Zoar remained part of the Stapleton Charge until July 2012 when it became a station church.



9889 Zoar Church Road
Stapleton GA 30823

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