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Haddock UMC has had a long, proud history of service to the surrounding community for over 185 years. Located in Jones County, the geographical center of Georgia, Haddock is halfway between the larger cities of Macon and Milledgeville and is still surrounded by rural countryside. Jones County was established in 1807 and, by 1832, early settlers had erected a Methodist church at "Old Fort" or Fortville which was an Indian trading post and fortification. Native American culture was evident in the area and the original church stood opposite a large Indian mound. For many years during the early history of our county, Fortville Methodist was one of the largest and best rural churches in Middle Georgia. An eyewitness account of the original church was written by Samuel H. Griswold in an article published in 1905 in the Jones County News. Mr. Griswold remembers the church as a child and writes the following: "There was a strong Methodist church here for as long as I can remember, one of the best in the Clinton circuit. The fourth Sabbath in each month was a regular preaching day and many able ministers filled the pulpit and I daresay no country church in Georgia was attended by more cultured and intelligent people. The church was known for its hospitality far and wide, and many the basket dinners where hundreds ate and worshiped at old Fortville was held."
The original church building would serve its congregation for nearly fifty years. In 1879, the old church was torn down and an attractive well-built chapel was erected. This new building was used for approximately twenty years. In 1900, it was decided to move the church and building two miles southeast to the nearby town of Haddock. In retrospect, this move would be prudent since Fortville, like many early settlements, no longer exists today. In September 1900, the building was torn down and much of the material was used to construct a modern frame building near the business district in Haddock. The name of the church was officially changed to Haddock Methodist and the first service was conducted in the new building on December 23, 1900. It soon became apparent the business section of town was not the most appropriate location for a church, so the land and building were sold and the second site in Haddock was purchased in early 1913. The cornerstone for the present church was laid on March 26, 1913, and a beautiful red brick building was constructed at a value of $4,000 at the time. The building was ready for services on the fourth Sunday in June 1913. Today, the much-loved church still serves a faithful congregation that strives to continue the old church's tradition of hospitality and cares for others.



111 North Oak Street
Haddock GA 31033

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