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Rochelle UMC - North Central


The Rochelle Methodist Episcopal Church, South was organized in 1888, by Rev. D. F. Miles with six men and eight women. The members were D. W. McLeod, W. Ira Brown, S. S. Brown, B. B. Jones, Mrs. F. V. McLeod, Mrs. M. E. Brown, Miss Susie Brown, Miss Susie Daniels, Mrs. Lucy Smith, Mrs. S. L. Jones, Mrs. Josie Prateer and Mrs. Alice R. Millette. The church was on the Abbeville Charge and services were held monthly in the school building. The first church building was begun in 1890 when the Rochelle Land and Lumber Company deeded the lots for church and parsonage. The second pastor came in 1891, and eleven members were added to the roll. Under Rev. J. P. Chatfield in 1905, the parsonage was remodeled at a cost of two hundred dollars. The first written reports of women and children's activities occurred in 1906. A new church was constructed in July 1918, with the debt paid and Bishop W. N. Ainsworth officiating at the dedication. In 1931, Rev. J. M. Williams was convicted of the murder of his son and Rev. Paul Riviere, a local man, took over the responsibilities. 
The parsonage burned down in February 1942, but another was purchased in 1944. The W. T. Standard Memorial Annex was completed by 1954, and the sanctuary renovated in the late 1960s. The first wedding in the newly renovated church was Rev. Clifton Brooks to Alice Sutton, a member of his congregation. A new parsonage was built in the 1970s, and a choir director, Charles Strickland, was employed. A new, larger annex was constructed and completed in 1980. 



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