Box Springs UMC - Northwest


     This church was built in 1897 by Mr. Will C. Patterson.  Records do not show the first pastor, but among the earlier pastors were Rev. Monroe Yarbrough, Rev. A. A. Waite, Sr., and Rev. Kenneth McGregor.  In the spring of 1922, a wind storm destroyed the church.  Lumber from the church and the school building, which was also destroyed, was used to rebuild.  In 1944, additions were made to the building.  In 1960, the church was moved from its original site down near the railroad to the highway, and a new brick building, partially paid for by The Kingdoms Club, was erected on land donated by G. W. Attaway.  Rev. Dave Hanson preached the first sermon in the new building in June, 1963.  Prior to 1944, The church was part of the Midland Circuit.
     In 1979 the old church building was used as a Community Center.  In the 1980's Box Springs was active in the development of a Volunteer Fire Department.