Boiling Springs UMC - North Central


     Located only a short distance from the springs, noted for their purity of water, this church was organized in 1851 on land donated by Everard Blackshear. The great pines for pews for the church were cut on the Parson's Place and rafted down river.  The pews are the originals, and each seat is made from a single plank.  The floor and other essentials are also original.  The church has a restored Communion Service from the early years of the church.  This church is in Laurens County off of U.S. 319.
     Boiling Springs, the third oldest Methodist Church in Laurens County, celebrated its Centennial on August 31, 1952.  A native magnolia was planted in 1953 in commemoration.  In 1966, the church was chosen Charge of the Year, along with the other three churches which formed the Brewton Charge.
In 1967, three acres of land were donated by Mrs. Judson L. Jackson and the church building was extended.  New pew seat cushions and a new Communion table were added in 1971.  



904 Boiling Springs Road
Dublin GA 31027