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     Mrs. Sarah Rebecca Meredith Allen was one of the most active members of this church during its beginning.  She held the first services in her own parlor, housed ministers and their families and donated 2 acres of land for the parsonage and church.  It was Sarah's belief that the collection plate should not be passed if there were visitors attending the service. 
     The first mention of the Allentown Charge or Mission, as it is sometimes referenced, is in the Annual Conference Minutes of December, 1891.  The parsonage was completed in 1894, and the church in 1896.  The Board of Trustees included J. T. Land (Chairman), W. M. Allen, J. P. Jones, D. M. Meredith, Milton Davis, E. A. Watkins, J.G. Floyd and C. B. Birdsong.
     Mr. and Mrs. Allen (Rebecca) Daughtry have also been very active in Allentown UMC.  Mrs. Rebecca Daughtry was the first President of the Women's Missionary Society in 1923, and Mr. Allen Daughtry was instrumental in raising funds for the present church structure from 1942-1945.    The land for the church on Main Street was donated by Mrs. Rebecca Daughtry and her daughter, Sarah Daughtry Trulove.  A contract for the plans of the church building were signed with W. Elliott Dunwoody, Jr. in 1954, and the contract for building the church was signed in 1955, with H. L. McCaskill.  This building was completed in 1956, with Rev. Jimmy Callahan preaching the first sermon.  Sarah Daughtry married John Trulove in the new church 5 days after the first sermon.  The Annex was completed in 1986 on land donated to the church by Mrs. Rebecca Daughtry and her daughter, Sarah Daughtry Trulove.
     In 1993, Allentown UMC was included in the Dudley Charge and were named Charge of the Year for the Dublin District.
     The present UMW was organized in December, 1975, and named Bell Group in honor of Jean Bell, wife of our pastor, Paul Bell.  They have been active since that time.  The ladies in the UMW and others joining us from different churches and the community are involved in a sewing group called Agape Stitchers.  This was organized in September, 2003, under the leadership of Grace Wicker, wife of our pastor, Billy Wicker.  The idea came from a revival sermon preached by Bobby Gales and Grace's love of sewing.  Dresses for girls and shirts for boys are made and given to local people to be brought on mission trips.  Bobby Gale brought the first dresses to Costa Rica.  The UMW has also furnished book bags and baby blanket kits which are made for UMCOR.

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