Tennille UMC - North Central


The location of the original church was on Smith Street just a short distance from its current site on two acres of land donation by Captain James D. Franklin.  The exterior of the church was built out of fat lyder wood with white weatherboard.  The entry was a set of wider than normal double doors with six to eight steps.  Inside the pews were divided into three sections with a large center section and two small side sections.  The floors were made of heart of pine painted boards and the windows had clear glass panes.  There were two pot-bellied stoves, one on either side of the pulpit, to keep the sanctuary warm.  A pump organ was in the chancel area but opposite the choir but the organ was later replaced by an upright piano.  The parsonage was located 25-50 feet south of the church. 

On the morning of January 5, 1941, an ember from the stove blew under a shingle, set the room on fire and burned the church.  The fire became so intense, that the nearby parsonage also burned.  Services were held in the Woman's Clubhouse, Erin Theatre and in the Christian and Baptist Churches.  In the summer of 1944, plans were drawn for the new sanctuary and on Aril 29, 1945, the dedication service for the new church were held.  The new church school annex was completed and dedicated on April 29, 1951.  A new Allen organ, donated by Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Smith, Sr., was installed and, in 1964, a new Tellers pipe organ was present in memory of William Holder Smith.  Additional educational facilities, the W. B. Smith Building, was completed and dedicated on May 7, 1967.  The pastor, Rev. Thomas E. Long, gave the dedicatory sermon entitled "Building for God".  Four acres of land were donated and a new parsonage was built by December 9, 1969. 

On April 23, 1981, vandals broke into the sanctuary and did $35,000 dollars worth of damage.  While the sanctuary was being repaired, the congregations met in the W. B. Smith Building.  On February 14, 1982, Bishop Joel D. McDavid and Rev. William Key, District Superintendent, officiated at the Rededication of the Sanctuary. 


210 Smith Street
Tennille GA 31089