Brooklet UMC - Northeast


In 1904, some of the members of Harmony Church who lived in the new town of Brooklet organized a new church.  Later, Harmony was abandoned.  The first building was of wood.  The present brick building was open for service on January 27, 1952.  In 1957, during the pastorate of Rev. Ernest Veal, an organ was purchased and, while W. E. Chapple was pastor, a Sunday School annex built.  During 1974, the church was redecorated and the stained glass windows added.  In 1919, Brooklet was listed in the MINUTES as Brooklet-New Hope with Harwell as part of the charge.  In 1940, the Brooklet charge was Brooklet, New Hope, Egypt and Oliver.  In 1968, when Brooklet became a station, New Hope and Nevils formed a separate charge.  In 1969, they purchased a new parsonage.

In 1985, Brooklet was named the Charge of the Year for the Statesboro District.  In August 2004 the church celebrated its 100th Anniversary and opened the new Church Educational Building.  In 2007, an additional children's choir and a new Saturday morning program, Mission Kids, were started. On July 18, 2010, the Rev. John Wesley Moye was presented the Harry Denman Evangelism Award.


201 Parker Ave
Brooklet GA 30415