Canaan Community UMC - Coastal


This church was formed June 10, 2009, when Palen UMC merged with Miller Inner City UMC.  Antonie E. Walker, Sr., was appointed Lay Speaker. Through November 1, 2010, it was on a circuit with Mt. Zion UMC.  Both churches are now station churches.  During 2015 the church is participating in the SBC21 (UMC Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century) program.

PALEN UMC:  Twelve members meeting in the home of Mrs. Frances Shepard at Berrien Street and Lumber Lane organized the church in 1896.  The church was named in honor of Agnes Palen, Secretary of the Georgia Bureau of Woman's Home Missionary Society.  The first pastor was Rev. Pompey Gibson.  The first building of wood was built in 1913 by C. W. Prothero and William Daniels.  In 1920, the present building, constructed of bricks from native clay and featuring windows of heavy colored glass, was completed by William Daniels.  The Annual Conference met here under the leadership of Bishop J. W. E. Bowen.


2401 Elgin St
Savannah GA 31404