Cedar Grove UMC (Alamo/Cedar Grove Charge) - Northeast


About 1886, Carnelius Clark wished to have a church in his community.  He chose as a site a spot where cedars were growing in a cemetery and decided to name the church Cedar Grove.  His neighbors, however, wanted the church nearer the center of the community, and B.L. and Lamar Lowery offered to build it if it were placed on the present site.  Mr. Clark agreed but insisted that the church bear the name he had chosen - Cedar Grove.  Both this original building and a later log structure burned.  The first pastor was Rev. T.I. Nease.  In 1905, Osford's mill sawed the lumber, and David and Warren Pope built the building now in use.

By 1983, the church had added a steeple.  In 2004, the church was on the Alamo-Cedar Grove Charge.  


3334 Sudie Pearl Jones Road
Cedar Grove GA 31021