Asbury UMC - (Waynesboro Charge) - Northeast


     This church, organized in 1867, in a brush arbor, is located in Burke County out from Waynesboro and is among the oldest black congregations with Methodist roots.  In its beginning, it had twenty members and Rev. Bell was the first pastor.  In 1891, a wooden building was built.  The present building, built in 1896, has "colored glass windows," a brick foundation, and steps.  For years, camp meetings were held in October each year and families and members camped at the church for a week or more attending services day and night.  In June, 1972, the Coastal District of the North Georgia Conference merged with the South Georgia Conference.  This church was placed in the Statesboro District on the Waynesboro Circuit with Haven Memorial, Munnerly and Nan Williams Memorial.  In 1974, Nan Williams was placed with Leet's Chapel in this same district.

In July, 1974, the South GA Leadership Development Team composed of teens did a work mission project at this church.


1833 Asbury Church Road
Waynesboro GA 30830