Asbury UMC (Jeffersonville/Asbury Charge) - North Central


     This church, located between Jeffersonville and Gordon, began in a brush arbor.  Deeds for the land, given by Hardy Durham, to Trustees C. G. Johnson, William M. Dennard, Rev. William Griffin, Kelly Glover and A. H. Moore, are dated 1851.  A wooden building was erected in 1853.  Rev. Charles C. Johnson was the first pastor 1851-1856, and is buried in the church cemetery.  In 1919, Asbury was on the Gordon Circuit, Rev. Moses Register, pastor, with Gordon, Liberty Hill and Griffin's Chapel.  In 1940, the Gordon Circuit was the same except Laurel Grove was added instead of Griffin's Chapel.  Asbury and Liberty Hill were a two point charge for several years.  Asbury has been part of the Jeffersonville Charge since 1983.
     A social hall and restrooms were added in 2002.


515 Ferncliff Terrace
Macon GA 31204