Churches & Appointments Beyond the Local Church


Lumber City UMC - South Central

Lumpkin UMC - Northwest

Lyons First UMC - Northeast

M.L. Harris UMC - Northwest

Manor UMC - South Central

Maple Springs UMC - North Central

Marlow UMC - Coastal

Marshallville UMC - Northwest

Martha Bowman UMC - North Central

Martha Memorial UMC - South Central

Marvin UMC - Northeast

Marvin UMC (Cusseta Charge) - Northwest

Mary's Chapel UMC - South Central

Matthew Chapel UMC - Northwest

Mauk UMC - Northwest

McBride UMC - Northeast

McRae UMC - South Central

Meigs UMC - Southwest

Meldrim UMC - Coastal

Melton's Chapel UMC - South Central

Mershon UMC - South Central

Metcalfe UMC - Southwest

Metter UMC - Northeast

Midland UMC - Northwest

Midville UMC - Northeast

Midway UMC - Coastal

Midway UMC (Columbus) - Northwest

Midway UMC (Cordele) - Southwest

Midway UMC (Mt Zion-Midway Charge) - South Central

Midway UMC (Rockledge/Midway Charge) - North Central

Millen UMC - Northeast

Mitchell UMC - Northeast

Mizpah UMC - Coastal

Montezuma UMC - Northwest

Montrose UMC - North Central

Moore's Chapel UMC - North Central

Morgan Hispanic - Southwest

Morgans Chapel UMC - Coastal

Morningside UMC (Albany) - Southwest

Morningside UMC (Lee Street/Morningside Charge) - Northwest

Morven UMC - Southwest

Mosaic UMC - Coastal

Moultrie First UMC - Southwest

Mount Moriah UMC (Mt Moriah / Vidette Charge) - Northeast

Moxley UMC - Northeast

Mt Calvary UMC - South Central

Mt Carmel UMC - South Central

Mt Moriah UMC - Northeast

Mt Olive UMC - Northwest

Mt Olivet (Fleming) UMC - Coastal

Mt Vernon UMC - Northeast

Mt Zion (Campground) UMC (Morven/Mt Zion Charge) - Southwest

Mt Zion UMC (Charlestown/Mt. Zion/Springhead Circuit) - Northeast

Mt Zion UMC (Mt Zion-Midway Charge) - South Central

Mt Zion UMC (Valdosta) - South Central

Mt. Olivet UMC (Helena/Mt Olivet Charge) - South Central

Mulberry Street UMC - North Central

Nahunta UMC - Coastal

Nannie E. Williams UMC - Northeast

Nashville UMC - South Central

Naylor UMC - South Central

Nepsey-Warren UMC - Northeast

Nesby Chapel UMC - Coastal

Nevils UMC - Northeast

New Beulah UMC - Northeast

New Harvest UMC - South Central

New Hope UMC - North Central

New Hope UMC (Haven Sheffield/New Hope Charge) - Coastal

New Hope UMC (New Hope-Hubert Charge) - Northeast

New Lowell UMC - Southwest

New Prospect UMC - South Central

Newington UMC - Northeast

Norman Park UMC - Southwest

Northview UMC - North Central

Nueva Vida UMC - North Central

Oak Grove UMC (Benevolence/Oak Grove Charge) - North Central

Oak Grove UMC (Boston/Oak Grove Charge) - Southwest

Oak Grove UMC (Broxton Circuit) - South Central

Oak Grove UMC (Simmons Charge) - Northeast

Oak Grove UMC (Sylvania) - Northeast

Oak Hill UMC - Coastal

Oak Park UMC - Northeast

Ochlocknee UMC - Southwest

Ocilla UMC - South Central

Odum UMC - Coastal

Oglethorpe UMC - Northwest

Olive Branch UMC - Northwest

Omega UMC - South Central

Ozell UMC - Southwest

Palmyra Road UMC - Southwest

Park Avenue UMC - South Central

Park Memorial UMC - North Central

Parker's Chapel UMC - Northeast

Parrott UMC - Northwest

Patterson UMC - South Central

Pavo UMC - Southwest

Payne's Chapel - Northeast

Pearson UMC - South Central

Pearson's Chapel UMC - Northeast

Peavy UMC - Southwest

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