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Chief Financial Officer - South Georgia Annual Conference


The South Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church is currently seeking a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This role is responsible for all financial responsibilities in accordance with the appropriate sections of the Book of Discipline of The UMC. 

The South Georgia Conference includes the geographical area of South Georgia with Columbus, Macon, and Waynesboro as the Northern boundary. In addition to overseeing the financial and benefit functions of the Conference, the CFO also supports the overall administrative office functions of the Conference and supports the overall administrative office functions of the Conference and manages the administrative office staff. The CFO relates to the Council on Finance and Administration, Board of Pension and Health Benefits, Board of Trustees, Personnel Committee, and Equitable Compensation Commission. The CFO serves on the Extended Cabinet, as the Conference Statistician, and on other conference teams and committees when appointed or requested to do so.

This individual will succeed Dr. Derek McAleer who will retire December 31

The Book of Discipline gives the South Georgia Conference Council of Finance & Administration (CFA) the authority to hire this position. CFA, under the guidance of Rev. Dr. Shane Green, senior pastor of St. Paul United Methodist Church in Columbus and chair of CFA, is utilizing the services of the General Conference on Finance and Administration in the hiring process. Throughout the process, Dr. Green is also in consultation with the Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits (BOP) as this position also supports their work.

The primary roles of the Chief Financial Officer include:

  • Prepares and develops the Conference budget in consultation with the Council on Finance and Administration.

  • Oversees the receipt and disbursement, in accordance with the actions of the Annual Conference and the provisions of the Book of Discipline, remittances from local church treasurers for all duly authorized general, jurisdictional, annual conference, and district causes.

  • Executes the policies established by CFA relating to cash flow, investments, and other financial matters.

  • Provides counsel and guidance to districts, local church treasurers, financial secretaries, and committees on finance regarding their fiscal responsibility and the development of standardized financial recording.

  • Calculates all Conference apportionments as approved by Annual Conference and distributes apportionments to local churches, as well as coordinates the preparation and distribution of monthly apportionment statements and bills to local churches.

  • Coordinates the preparation and distribution of regular and periodic reports related to receipts and disbursements to appropriate persons, boards, and agencies.

  • Collaborates with the Council on Finance and Administration on the annual audit and revising the procedures of the Finance Office according to the audit findings with consultation of CFA.

  • Oversees and manages receiving, recording, and disbursing Conference funds to the appropriate recipients.

  • Oversees administrative areas of the Conference office, ensuring compliance with the Book of Discipline, Conference office polices, applicable employment laws, regulations, and industry standards.

  • Provides oversight of the Human Resources and Benefits functions regarding, but not limited to, the establishment of Benefit Plans, Wespath relationships, and staffing, recruiting, and training of conference employees.

  • Serves as the Conference Pension and Benefits Officer for Wespath on all matters relating to pension benefits and services under the Clergy Retirement Security Plan (CRSP) and Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP).

  • Serves as the Conference Statistician in the preparation of the annual reports and coordinates the development of Statistical Tables for the Conference Journal.

  • Collaborate with the Board of Trustees in securing adequate property and liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and all other insurance needed by the Conference.

  • Prepares and/or reviews, distributes, and interprets accurate and timely month-end and year-end reports for all Conference boards and agencies, local churches, and other related parties as may be required.

The position is based in Macon, Ga. and is open to lay and clergy persons. 

For more information and to apply, click here. Interested applicants can also email a resume and cover letter to The closing date for applications is November 21, 2022. If you have any questions about the open position, please contact Cianta Hogan, GCFA HR Manager, at 615-369-2357.


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