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Information Technology Specialist - Pine Forest UMC, Dublin


PINE FOREST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Information Technology Specialist (IT)
Information Technology is a part time position. The position is a fluctuating work week based upon less than 20 hours per week. The IT is responsible to the Staff Parish Relations Committee and reports to the Senior Pastor.

General Statement of Skills Needed:
•        Ability to stay calm and problem solve in the face of equipment failures before or during live events and work well with church staff and volunteers to  ensure successful ministry
•        Be familiar with video/lighting/sound and presentation equipment
•        Experience with video editing; website design, security and ongoing maintenance; digital signage and the hardware and software used to manage content
•        Familiarity with copyrights and other legal requirements/restraints associated with broadcast and the online presence of the church

Specific Duties/Responsibilities:
Promote effective communication with church staff and volunteers to ensure successful ministry
Gather content weekly from Senior Pastor/Speakers creating custom content for presentation
Create and manipulate graphic elements (logos, graphics, animations, video loops, photographs)
Maintain website social media and equipment as needed
Distribute electronic communication to congregation
Participate in meetings, worship and congregational development
Present for weekly at services to run projection at services and assist with running sound
Recruit, train and maintain workable schedule of volunteers as needed
Suggest budget needs to maintain current equipment and anticipate needs
Coordinate with church staff on timing to ensure consistent quality/content of products
Ensure guidance and preparation anticipating those in need of media services at Pine Forest

Management of electronic and print content produced by the church including but not limited to Pine Forest website content and internet presence, social media, capturing video and audio from live events for broadcast, editing audio and video from media projects, upgrading current online presence for the church -- such as streaming audio and video presentations, podcasts, social media accounts, advertising, Wikipedia entries, etc.

Ensure adherence to copyright law and other requirements associated with using, modifying, and distributing content from other sources and seek uniform branding and quality content.
Active part of ministering team at PFUMC. Open communication with staff working toward the betterment of the church as a whole.

Christian Code of Conduct: Committed and professing Christian that believed themselves to be specifically called by God to serve in ministry at PFUMC. A representative of Jesus Christ and PFUMC in the community and beyond and are accountable to standards of conduct.

Contact: Dotte Thacker

Address: 400 Woods Ave Dublin GA 31021

Phone: 478-272-2441

Email: Click to email

Website: pineforestdublin.com

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