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By Kris Dockery, Director


Stress. Anxiousness. Worry. Lack of discipline. Not sure what will come next. These are common themes among college students dealing with the continued pandemic that swept across the globe in 2020. Many hoped this academic year would be more normal. But as the demands of classes continue on, the lasting effects of COVID on mental health and community growth are steadily an uphill climb.


Nevertheless, God is doing some deep work for college students. Sure, many want the same things college students have wanted for decades – acceptance, fun and great memories. And tons of students will do whatever is necessary to achieve these desires. But for others, God is stirring a passion and drive to know Him more and to live out the purposes He has for their lives.


There are some students on the College of Coastal Georgia campus who are characterized by the latter. The names that come to mind all come from different backgrounds (even countries). They don’t have the same story. They’re at different points on their faith journey. But there’s a deep hunger in their eyes to know God more.


They show up to Wesley consistently. They often talk about what more they want to see done. They go to church. They serve both college students and the churches they attend. And they even get up for an 8:30 a.m. Bible study every Friday.


Through all of these avenues, the desire is the same: know God more. There is a hunger in them that is palpable. Sure, they struggle with things like other college students. They’re not perfect. They have their stresses. They have their worries. But they aren’t dealing with them in the same way as common college students. They are seeking to take the things close to their heart to Jesus and see life through the lens of His grace and truth.


And from that lens, they’re seeing a new way of living. One that doesn’t just serve them or bring them acceptance or give them a good time. They’re seeing a way of living that honors God and serves others.


My hope is that the passion of these Wesley students becomes infectious to many others on the CCGA campus and that it leads to an awakening like the campus has never seen.


Come, Lord. Bring your kingdom of peace, joy and righteousness to CCGA for your glory. Amen.

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