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Columbus State Wesley Foundation


Several students from the Columbus Wesley Foundation shared what Wesley means to them:


Felicity Acosta: “Wesley is a space where I can be myself and have fun.”


Lucas Sheppard: “Because of Wesley, I have been able to expand my leadership experience, make plenty of new friends, and create new memories that will last a lifetime. Wesley has been a safe place where I can share my personal struggles and I can trust that I am heard and cared for. Wesley means community.”


Wrezin Cooley: “Because of Wesley, I have made new friends and bettered my relationship with God. Getting closer to God was really important to me this year, and being a part of Wesley has given me that opportunity. The people at Wesley have made my college experience, and they are one of the only reasons I would reconsider transferring next year. Wesley has taught me I’m not alone and I always have someone to talk to and there’s always someone that cares. I really enjoy the fellowship and friends at Wesley.”


Hannah Dew: “Because of Wesley, I have found people that I feel safe with. I am able to be myself and not feel like I have to fake anything. Wesley has been a place where I go for comfort and fun. All worries are gone as soon as I’m with our group. Wesley means so much to not only me but those who come from a not-so-easy life. It provides relief and a safe place for everyone.” 


Nathan Calvert: “Because of Wesley, I have made real friends for the first time in my life because of an opening and welcoming community. It has also helped my faith grow much stronger than it was previously. I feel closer to God than I have probably my entire life. Wesley has been a place where I feel safe to share my struggles in life because I know people will support me and help me. I can comfortably learn about God because we always have great messages with our leaders and I know I’ll always have a good time. It’s just a safe space for everyone where we can escape our stress-filled lives for a little while and focus on the positives in life. Wesley means a lot to me for all of those reasons above. Getting involved with the Wesley group was one of the best (if not THE best) parts of my year. It has helped me begin to climb out of a dark spot in my life and start a new chapter. It’s the first time I’ve truly felt like I belong in college.”


Cory Williams: “Wesley has been a place where I can meet and pray with friends each and every week!”


Joshua Huddleston: “Because of CSU Wesley, I have a group of like-minded college students who remind me every week that I’m not the only one going through struggles in life and that they will support me through these trials and tribulations. CSU Wesley has been a place where I get to develop spiritually and where I get to develop better interpersonal relationships and leadership abilities.” 

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