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The Director of Communications is available to work with your local church to develop, improve or audit your communication ministry. Training can include church publications, website and more. To find out more information about the communications consulting services available to your church, contact Kelly Roberson.

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Helpful Articles 

8 church communication faux paus
(UMCom) Effective church communication requires careful planning and consideration of your audience. Avoid these eight common church-communications blunders. Continue>>

Social media etiquette handbook
(UMCom) Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums or websites, proper etiquette can set the tone for how people view you and your church. Continue>>

Manage media relations to your church’s benefit
(UMCom) Having solid relationships with reporters can help promote your church’s ministries—and ensure fair coverage in a crisis. Here are some great ideas to consider. Continue>>

More bang for your graphic design efforts
(UMCom) Graphic designers enhance the message of your church’s communications tools. People “read” visually before they look at the text. Even with a limited budget, quality graphic design is important. Finding time and money to create effective marketing pieces for your church can be daunting. Stock your design toolbox with inexpensive tools. Make your job easier and your projects shine! Continue>>

Communication audit syncs everything together
(UMCom) Local church communicators often create marketing materials based on a specific need or request. They create a brochure here, produce a newsletter there or develop a website. Imagine what would happen if you created all of your congregation’s communications resources to work together. You would maximize efforts and the value of each communications vehicle. A communications audit will enable you to see what works for your local church. Continue>>

Liven up your church directory in print and online 
(UMCom) Make the church directory an indispensible ministry tool for everyone to use. A church directory helps clergy and other leaders to stay connected with the congregation. A directory serves multiple purposes and should be a regular fixture of your congregation. Don’t be overwhelmed if you don’t have one—or if you have one that needs improving. It’s manageable—and a great way to connect your congregation year-round. Continue>>

Is your blog bearing fruit?
(UMCom) OK, so you have started blogging for your church. Now what? What results do you want? Are you getting those results? How should you measure your blog’s success? What were your unique objectives when you started your blog? To communicate more intimately with members? To attract visitors? Did you set weekly or monthly goals for how many visitors you wanted to attract? Did you determine what you wanted visitors to do after reading the blog? Continue>>

7 tips to rejuvenate your blog
(UMCom) In the article above, we posed the question, “Is your blog bearing fruit?” If the answer was “no,” don’t give up. We can help! Perhaps your church blog has gone dormant or feels stale. Maybe it is a challenge because you don’t know what to write anymore. Successful blogging requires more than writing. It requires a plan of action, creativity, interest and dedication. Continue>>