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Covered Outpatient Therapists and Psychiatrists In Our Network

Covered Outpatient Therapists and Psychiatrists In Our Network
Clergy under HealthFlex are entitled to the same counseling benefits even if your provider is out-of network. Therefore, choose the licensed therapist/psychiatrist that is the best fit for you. Exception: Only those clergy seeing in-network providers receive eight (8) employee assistance sessions each year at NO CHARGE. If your counselor is out of network, your copay will vary depending on the Wespath insurance plan you selected. 

Covered Mental Health Services 
All clergy and family members who are covered by the South Georgia Annual Conference HealthFlex plan are entitled to low cost mental health benefits with Blue Cross Blue Shield. With your insurance plan your outpatient benefits allow you to:

  1. See an in-network provider for outpatient care that entitles you to eight EAP visits at no cost to you.
  2. Continuing to see that same therapist/psychiatrist for a copay, the amount to be determined by your specific chosen plan.
  3. Schedule initially with an out-of-network provider  for a copay determined by your specific chosen plan. (With this option there are no free EAP visits included.)

Employee Assistance Program
Under your plan, you are eligible for EIGHT Employee Assistance Program (EAP) visits that pay 100% with pre-certification with an in-network provider. No co-payment is required for these visits. These eight visits can be in-person, by phone or via video conference. Once you have scheduled with an in-network provider, YOU MUST CALL FOR PRE-CERTIFICATION. For pre-certification, call 1-866-881-6800, available 24/7. This number will direct you to the EAP center that handles all of the claims. Along with your pre-certification, you will receive an authorization number that will be used by the provider to file your visits. 
Outpatient Services
After the eight EAP visits are met, your out-of-pocket expense depends on which HealthFlex plan you are enrolled in:

  • B1000- $15 for an outpatient visit
  • HRA plan - coinsurance fee of 50% of provider fee with no deductible.
  • HAS plan - Full rate until you meet the deductible and then there is a coinsurance fee of 30% percent of providers fee.

NOTE: Some therapist’s do not file insurance, period. They insist on full fee at the time of your visits.
Finding a Provider
1.    Go to HealthFlex/WebMD
2.    My Healthflex Benefits
3.    Medical and Behavioral Health- BCBS
4.    Click Doctors and Hospitals
5.    Find a doctor or hospital
6.    Under Browse by Category, choose behavioral health
*If you already have a provider and they are in-network with BCBS, just give them your BCBS ID card. Out-of-network, you may need to submit your own claims. 
Questions regarding your general medical health benefit coverage can be answered by the Administrative Services Office at 478-738-0048. 

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